Just Like You…

… that’s the title of a video about children with Down Syndrome. It is very informative and i love how they point out the differences between everyone and that Down Syndrome does not definite who they are. This video really does cover lots of aspects of Down Syndrome and how a child with Downs needs help but they still want to do everything other kids do. They try their best.

The 3 kids with Down Syndrome in the video proudly show that they are indeed different but that doesn’t mean they aren’t awesome, just being who they are and live a full life with support from their family and friends. Their best friends share great testimony on their behalf.

Watch the video then read on:

My little Heath has Down Syndrome too. And as it is said in the video, ‘It’s just part of what makes me who i am.’ But it is only a part of it. He is much more than Down Syndrome.

But unfortunately, the society he was born into sees only his Down Syndrome and they only see it as a disability  Which is why Heath spends his days sitting in a wheelchair, doing nothing, absolutely nothing but stared at whatever happens to be before him. Because where he is from, being different from what is considered “normal” is unacceptable.

‘Once you learn what Down Syndrome is, you get use to it. Because when you have the knowledge and you understand, it’s easy to accept.’

12 year old Heath, is a cutie who needs his family asap.
12-year-old Heath, is a cutie who needs his family asap.

His only hope is to be adopted by a loving family who has the knowledge and understands that Down Syndrome is not a disability; a caring family who lives in a society which will accept him, just as he is; a little boy who just needs to be shown tender loving care, who will just thrive in such care. Could you be the one to give him such love?

‘She sees you for you, who you are on the inside.’

Please see my Heath for who he is, see that he is a little boy with much need but most of all, see his potential. Can you imagine what he could accomplish with a supportive family behind him?

‘I’m worth the wait…’

Indeed, he will be a blessing to the family who welcomes him with open arms and hearts.

My little Heath has a full grant! (We, his advocates, are so grateful to all the generous donors who made this possible.) Which means his forever family need only come up with the initial fees for commitment and home study and that is completely doable.

Money is now not a hurdle. We just need a family to step up. Are you his family? Please click on his name or picture to find out more or contact Reece’s Rainbow.

Will you share Heath‘s story far and wide so that his family maybe found? Do pray for him; for his daily needs and for a forever family to come for him.


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