Make Room for Joy…

What brings you joy? A promotion at work? A new dress? That new gadget? Being praised? Simply happy to be who you are? Loving good music? Your children? Time with family?

Family… family means unconditional love, family means belonging, family means joy…

i read this post from Peas and Thank You some time ago and have bookmarked it because i want to remind myself to constantly “Make Room for Joy” in our busy lives. Have a read:

Snapshot Sunday: Make Room for Joy : Peas and Thank You.

Sweet Celine waits still for her family.

Now i want you to meet Celine. She is a 7-year-old little girl who lives in an orphanage. She is fortunate that her orphanage has enough facilities to care for her (such places are few in her country). But she still lacks something – a family, a family who would love her and enjoy being with her and bring her joy; help her make room for joy and not just live day-to-day, surviving.

i see the pictures of the girls dancing (in the Peas and Thank You post) and i just know that Celine would make quite a little dancer herself but i don’t think she will have an opportunity to dance with such unbridled joy unless she is in a safe, caring family environment. Could you be that family for her? If you feel a little tugging at your heart, do head over to Reece’s Rainbow or click on Celine‘s picture or name to find out more.

Celine is blessed to have a wonderful advocate and prayer warrior at Life’s Beautiful Butterflies. She has helped raised a whole lot of funds for Celine and is continuing to do so during this Christmas Angel Tree season at Reece’s Rainbow. Please do hop over and read about her fundraisers and take part.

You can also contribute directly to Celine‘s adoption grant here. A bigger grant would ensure that her forever family can reach her without worrying about the financial burden. The region she is in is very expensive to adopt from (expenses can go into US$40,000 and up).

Do also pray for Celine‘s daily needs and for her family to find her real soon.

Thank you.


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