Goodbye, Our Little Nox…

We (the son & i) came home from church today and found our dear little Nox (one of our Gerbils) had passed away. She came to live with us in September last year and we had thought she would be around with us for at least a couple more years.

We don’t know what happened or exactly when she died. She did have a bald spot and a small growth on her belly which didn’t seem to bother her. We had debated whether we should bring her to the vet but she was active, her coat was shiny, her eyes bright; she showed absolutely no signs of pain or discomfort. Maybe we should have gone to the vet – sigh!

So here we say a fond farewell to Nox, who leaves behind her beloved sister, Puddles. We said a little prayer for her and buried her downstairs by the bush in front of our apartment block, where we can see her all the time. We will miss her.

Goodbye our beloved Noxy…

Now we have to decide if we are getting another one to keep Puddles company. Gerbils are community and social creatures, they should not be alone. But gerbils of different litters do not necessarily get along. Husband is still away, will wait for him to come home and make the decision. i may pop down to the pet shop and ask them what they recommend.



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