Don’t Give Up!

Ok this is a post that is more for myself than for an audience to read.

Today is the 15th day of November which marks the halfway point in Nanowrimo… which means i supposed to have 25,000 words by now and how many do i have?… ready for it…

English: The words Today I...
English: The words Today I… (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A Grand Total of 9808 words… wow! Right… 😦

i have been knocked down by the routine tasks of life as a home manager as well as computer problems and now illness… my head feels heavy, my body feels achy and there is a mild throbbing pain at my temples… yep, i’m falling sick…

But i should not give up… must not give up… ahhh… need sleep…

i leave you to read this post Write With Fey: Don’t Give Up!.

My favourite line:

So yes, writing a book can be difficult, but don’t panic! Even if you get stuck or can’t seem to create content that you find worthy enough for your precious story, keep working on it and you’ll end up with something you’re happy with.

It is very encouraging. So read it, be encouraged and go on writing 😉


8 Replies to “Don’t Give Up!”

  1. At least you have 9808 words. That’s better than 0. When I participated in NaNo this April, the main thing I learned is it doesn’t matter when you you finish your first draft as long as it finally gets completed eventually. It took me 13 days after the official 30 days to have my first draft. Good luck to you.

    Keep smiling,


      1. No I bowed out. I did NaNo in April, then the NaNoEdMo challenge right after. Then the 90 day novel challenge ended for me a week before Halloween. I was planning on doing NaNo for November to try and win, but I got novel burnt out.

        Right now, I’m focusing on editing the drafts I already have, and writing 3 short stories.

        Keep smiling,


  2. Amen!!! I feel this way many times. I set aside a day to do nothing but write and my brain feels dead. No words…No thoughts…Nothing! Until another day I set aside and the words do not stop flowing. Never give up. The words will come when they should. Thanks for the encouragement. Never stop writing. May God bless you in everything you do and write.


  3. This cold going around is awful! Don’t try to do too much! Rest and drink lots of tea. I was out of commission for a week with it and am only now getting back in the groove.

    Take care!


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