The Naming Game…

names on a wall
names on a wall (Photo credit: Jasmic)

It has been a while since i wrote about writing. Actually it has been a while since i actually wrote! Period.

My brain has been trying (keyword here) to get into gear because in 30 days is the crazy yet much-loved time of the year… Nanowrimo!

So i have a choice this year… i can do a new story or i can do a complete rewrite of an existing story (which is in dire need of a rewrite).

i had a look at both story ideas and then realised that my characters’ names suck! One of the stories (the rewrite one) already has named characters but i’m not happy with the names. The other one has characters’ names such as Main Character 01, Bad Person 2, Husband etc…

Names are very important to me. They need to mean something. They need to tell or at least give a sense of who the character is. Of course, i know names and the feelings they evoke in people are subjective. But it doesn’t stop me obsessing over them… sometimes… :p

i found this useful article (see link below) and the most amusing idea, which i might just use, is the one where you use Google Maps to find character names 😉 Have a read.

The Naming Game | The View Outside.

Do you have a method of naming your characters? Any advice?

i wish you lots of fun naming your characters. And if you have any idea what to name a discontented wife and a busybody peacemaker, let me know 🙂


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