Holiday Fun with Old Friends

3 of my primary school classmates decided to holiday in Switzerland. It has been so long since I went on holiday without my family. I think the last time was when Tobias was little and I went for a few days to Bintan (If my memory does not fail me) with my best friend from Poly while my mother looked after Tobias.

Here are a few pictures, just some highlights of what we saw and did:

As you can guess from the above pictures, we went to lots of places, saw a good number of things and walked many steps. It was so much fun; talking, laughing, sharing, and being together 24/7 for 17 days. We loved it all! Who would have thought that friends who only reconnected a few years ago after not being in touch for many years could have such a blast, traveling together across 3 countries!

Looking forward to seeing you gals again real soon!


Chasing the Snow…

Yep, that’s what we did for the February sports holidays here in Switzerland. We went searching for snow. Why? Because global warming/climate change has meant that this alpine nation, once known for great skiing didn’t get enough snow for the season!

So we went up to a mountain we had never been to before, having heard that they might have more snow than others – we went to Crans Montana. Not somewhere we would usually go because it’s a bit further away and has been known to be expensive.

While there was little snow in the village, just a short up the way you could see the white stuff so it was not too bad. We had an okay time. The husband and son said the snow was not good by the afternoon, so they returned early and decided not to ski the next day. Lexi and I had a wonderful walk across the mountain; the views were amazing. But I took a tumble on an icy patch near the end of our walk; that sort of put a damper on things.

The hotel we stayed at was nice, the staff lovely and the food pretty good. So no complaints there. We left early on the 3rd day and made a pit stop at Fribourg, the university city in the French part of Switzerland. It was nice to see this city again after many years.

Here are some photos of our trip:


Autumn Holidays with Friends…

Over this past autumn holidays, we had a couple of friends from Singapore staying with us. It was so lovely having them with us for a week. Of course, we took them to some touristy spots but we also got the opportunity to visit a couple of places we have not been to ourselves, such as the sweet little village of Stein am Rhein and the Lavaux-Vinorama (Vevey).

Here are a few photo highlights:

We also visited a chocolate factory we have never been to before but I was so focused on the chocolate and chocolate making, I didn’t take any nice photos. But it’s a chocolate factory I would recommend – Camille Bloch Chocolate Factory.

Looking forward to more friends coming next year.