Up, Up It Goes…

…not talking about a balloon or a cloud or even a plane… i’m talking about my little Heath’s and my beloved Heather’s adoption grants!

i’m back from my holidays and the money from the generous donor is in the bank so i can finally make the transfer. So now Heather’s adoption grant is at US$492.50 and Heath’s adoption grant is at US$9471.44. (Read about my church youth group’s fundraising efforts here.)

11 years old Heath, is a cutie who needs his family asap.

But the good news doesn’t just stop there! Heath has been given a matching grant by some very generous children who are offering their birthday money (US$450) so that a family might reach Heath faster. Which means every cent donated to Heath’s grant will be doubled! He would have at least another US$900 in his grant, if we managed to raise the other US$450 by 1st September, giving Heath just over 10K!

i had felt bad about not being able to transfer the money raised by my church youth group sooner but now i see how wonderfully God is working. He had me hold back the transfer till now because His Plan was to double the money!! See instead of just US$355… Heath is really getting US$710 from the amount the youths raised! God is truly amazing!!

Oh, it keeps getting better… i was told yesterday that some really special people in the US have fallen in love with Heath and are pulling together to help get his grant over the 10K mark and eventually to a full grant (25K). My heart absolutely burst with joy when i read that sooo many are rooting for and practically helping my little Heath! God is indeed answering prayers!! Praise the Lord!

They will be offering to wash cars, having yard sales and taking soccer pledges in the following States: California, Florida, Idaho, Oregon, Pennsylvania, South Dakota, Washington. (i will update this list as more people sign up to do this.) The target date for these activities is September 15th. If you live in the US and would like to contribute at these events, contact me and i’ll put you in touch with these lovely people. Right here, i wanna Thank them for their fantastic efforts.

Even if you don’t live in the US, you can still contribute. Simply click on his name or picture to go to his profile and donate to his adoption grant. Please do donate before September 1st so that the amount you donate can be doubled with the matching grant.

Of course, you can most definitely pray, pray, pray… pray that a family finds Heath asap, pray that his daily needs are met, pray that his health (physical, emotional and spiritual) are well.

Wait! There is still more news to come…

Every year, Reece’s Rainbow has their Christmas Angel Tree project (it runs from Nov 1st to Dec 31st) to pull focus on orphans aged 0-5, with Down Syndrome during the Christmas period. This year they are extending this to older children and children with other special needs as well (They call it My Own Little Starfish). But they can only include 3 from each category and the 3 will be decided via votes from people who support their ministry in one way or another.

And my little Heath was voted in! Thank you to everyone who voted for Heath. So now Heath will get additional exposure this Christmas! Here’s another wonderful person shouting out for HeathWholelottalovin.

11 years old in September 2012… she has waited for a family to come for her for so very long…

So much about Heath, does this mean my little Heather has been neglected? No. Of course not. She has a new picture! Doesn’t she look absolutely adorable in that blue dress? With this new picture, i have read and heard people commenting and talking about her. So things are moving for her too… maybe not in as a big a way as Heath but they are moving. And i’m praying and praying that she will be listed for the vote into the Christmas Angel Tree project. (The Angel Tree page seems to be down for updates so i can only link you to Christmas Warrior page which is part of Angel Tree.)

Do continue to pray for her, pray that she will get more notice, her grant will grow, her daily needs met and most of all, pray that a family comes for her asap. Of course, donate to her adoption grant. And if you have ever considered adoption, do consider Heather. She is such a sweetie and has no medical conditions except her DS. Click on her name or picture to go to her profile page. (i will be doing a special focus on Heather in September.)

Thank you so much for your kind attention and for your prayers and contributions.


4 Replies to “Up, Up It Goes…”

  1. I am in tears! It is an incredible thing to feel so connected to people I’ve never met all over the world all trying to save sweet Heath! I can’t wait to rejoice with you when his family finds him! What an incredible youth group you have! And your little Heather is absolutely beautiful!


    1. Thanks so very much for stopping by & reading & for your very kind comments. Yes, i completely agree… it is a wonderful thing to be connected to people for such a worthy cause… Yes my youth group are really good kids… Do keep praying for Heather & Heath…


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