4 Weeks In SG…

… No, not St Gallen, Switzerland, which is shorten to SG in Switzerland.

SG = Singapore, for me.

Yep, it is time once again for a pictorial summary of our annual trip back to SG. We left exactly one week ago (myself and Tobias that is, Walter came home 10 days before us). This time we spent 4 weeks there – 28 days to be exact.

This year we flew Lufthansa again. They are not a bad airline to fly with and this time i felt that the service was a little better than last year. Maybe because this year we flew in their new A380, non-stop from Frankfurt to Singapore.

Remember my Gush! post? Well, the penguins went on their very first outing 😉 Aren’t they just adorable?!

On the way to SG…

We landed in the afternoon, unpacked, got a bit of rest and then the next day, we hit to the town! 😀

We did some touristy stuff, such as visit the new Gardens By the Bay. It was nice – the outside was not quite finished and the flowers/plants didn’t seem to be in full bloom yet. But we really liked the 2 indoor conservatories – the Flower Dome and the Cloud Forest. The plants/flowers were really quite interesting in these cooled areas but my little guy got bored after one conservatory. His interest perked up again at the indoor waterfall and when we were at the video presentation near the end of the visit. The whole place is built to conserve power, it even produces its own solar power which is enough to power the whole attraction. The solar panels are actually mounted on top of these huge “metal trees” – i call them the “Avatar Trees”. There is a skywalk which links a few of these trees – it has quite a nice view. We were told the whole gardens look prettier at night but we chose not to stay into the evening as we already had a whole day out.

The “Avatar Trees” – the small group with the cooled conservatories in the background, the large group of “metal trees”, the skywalk…
The “furry” flower, the 1000 year-old olive tree, the purple “trumpets”…
The king of the forest asking when are we finished 😉
The indoor waterfall at the Cloud Forest…

Of course, we also did the usual things – mainly eat all the foods we miss ;p And the one thing we always do is our morning walk by the beach, followed by breakfast at MacDonald’s 🙂

Father and Son watching the waves wash the sand away from their feet…

Spending time with family and friends is the other main reason we go back each year.

L to R: Tobias spending time with Godbrother and Godsister, Showing little Godbrother electronic games, Us with our beloved Godson 😉

This year we were also faced with a rather unexpected sad event – the passing of a friend from church, Ronald. Our thoughts are with his family.

Tobias had his first taste of seawater – his reaction? “Pah, Ptooie” and a sour expression on his face. Ok i stand corrected, this is not his very first taste of seawater but the first one which he reacted to. His very first exposure to seawater was when he was quite small so he doesn’t remember it. He got over it pretty quickly and was soon having a ball of a time.

Throwing the water-rugby ball to Cookie and riding on Cookie’s shoulders…

We also went to the Jurong Bird Park. Again it was one of the places we had brought him to before but he was too small to remember. He really quite enjoyed this trip.

The feathered friends we met…

Universal Studios Singapore was another stop we made. After this second time there (now it has more attractions than our first time there), my advice is to go early and plan to stay till closing to get on as many rides as possible, make it a 2-day event if you can afford it. There are a couple of kiddy rides but most would be entertaining for both adults and children. Do note: the Battlestar ride has size restrictions. Oh, another thing – bring a fan and an umbrella. It was very hot the day we went but towards the early evening it rained for a short while.

Top Left: View of the Battlestar ride from below, Bottom Left: At the start of the day, with friends we met in CH, Right: Expressions before the start of the Accelerator ride…
Tobias and i with his great-grandmother at her birthday party…

Last year we went to a restaurant to celebrate my grandmother’s (Tobias’ great-grandmother) birthday. This year it was a quiet affair at home with just immediate family. i love that i can still celebrate my grandmother’s 98th birthday!

We went, we laughed together with, ate with and spent time with family and friends, we enjoyed. 😉


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  1. what a nice read! 🙂 glad you enjoyed your annual trip home. haha my grandmother is 92! 😀 not too far away, but tobias really looks like he enjoyed himself which is greattt! and the penguin bag is too-cute! haha 😀


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