No More Being Passed Over…

Have you ever been passed over for someone else? Have you ever been the last to be picked for the team? Have you ever been the person no one notices? i have and that feeling is not a good one.

This little sweetheart has been passed over for too long… he has been a wall-flower for too long. He has waited 5 long years for a family to come for him. i introduce to you – Kurt, 5 years old in a couple of weeks and no mummy or daddy to celebrate for and with him.

5 Years Old in a couple of weeks and in need of a family to love him.

Kurt is such a handsome little guy. i find it hard to believe that his family has not found him yet. Yes he does have a medical condition – he has mild CP (Cerebral Palsy). However, it is a mild case and he can walk and is said to be a delightful boy.

Please help him find a family. Please share his story so he can get the attention he deserves. Please donate to his adoption grant as a larger adoption grant will lessen the burden on the family who comes for him. Please pray for him and his daily needs and most importantly pray that a family finds him asap.

If you have considered adoption, please do consider Kurt who would be a wonderful addition to any family.

Click on his picture or his name to go to his profile page on Reece’s Rainbow to donate and find out more about him.


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