A Child Should Be…

Do you have pre-conceived ideas of how a child should be? How and when a baby would grow up into a toddler, into a child, into a teen, into an adult? Any idea of how a kid should behave or even how your child should look??

Well, i’m sure we all do. i know i did. i also believe that every child is loved by God because He created us all. i believe that He created each kid to be loved by a family too.

i believe God wants a loving family to come and take care of little Owen. Little Owen is born with a rare condition – Acrocephalosyndyldactyly Type Chotzen, also known as Saethre-Chotzen Syndrome.

5-year old Owen needs all the help you can give him.

This condition gives his head an odd shape and make his eyes droopy and crossed. His fingers and toes maybe fused and his nose beak-like. His brain development is also affected because of the tower-shape of his head. He will likely remain small in size.

In short, he will not fit anyone’s idea of a typical child or how a child should be. He is different, very different but this does not mean he should not have a family. On the contrary, he needs a caring and supportive family even more.

If you feel God filling your heart with love and concern for this precious one, please do not ignore that feeling. Ask God what you can do about it. Ask God how you can be of help to little Owen. He needs all the help he can get.

i pray that if God is moving you to adopt Owen, that He will give you the courage to act. If God is wanting you to donate to Owen‘s adoption grant, then i pray that He will enable you to be generous. If God is building up more prayer warriors for Owen, i pray that He would give you the strength to stand in the gap for Owen.

Click on his name or picture to go to his profile page on Reece’s Rainbow. If you do help Owen in any way, please leave a comment below so i can send you a personal thank you. Thanks so much for caring.


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