Do you have nomophobia?

That’s right – another phobia to worry about… This one is so relevant to how our lives have become so instant, always connected.

Nomophobia (Photo credit: Foomandoonian)

Mobile Phones!! Nomophobia has to do with that little digital device which keeps you contactable at all times… it is the fear of losing or being without your mobile phone… simply put, it is a fear which stems from the need to be constantly reachable.

Frankly that prospect isn’t all that appealing to me. i mean, i completely agree with how convenient it is to have a mobile phone and how it has made some areas of our lives much easier; but there are times when i simply don’t want to be contactable. Haven’t you felt that way? Or maybe i’m just weird that way?

When we first got to Switzerland (almost a decade ago – can you believe it? i can’t.), i went from a high-stress, always must-be-reachable job to being a home maker and having no mobile phone at all, for 2 years. And i must say, they were quite carefree years… i only got re-connected to the mobile world when my little guy was about 6 months old and the thought of being stranded somewhere with him, without being able to contact my husband was a little scary.

Another thing i have noticed is that with the rise of the use of mobile phones, people seem to value punctuality less, because they can easily pick up their mobile phone and call a friend to say they will be late or cancel at the last minute. Before mobile phones, when one makes an appointment, one makes more of an effort to keep those appointments and be on time for them. The motivation factor is that there was no way of contacting the friend once you have left the home/office. So you just had to get there.

The waiting friend also tended to be more patient waiting for you, as if you were caught in traffic there was no way of letting him/her know. Now almost 90% or more carry mobile phones, so friends expect to be updated all the time and if they are not, some do get offended.

But the greatest loss for me with this mobile age, is the lost art of simply being with people and enjoying their company, and interacting with the people and environment around you. i observe that a lot of people simply carry on on their phones, either texting or playing on apps or even watching movies, when they are with their group of friends, while they are on public transport, or worse still while driving or walking. What’s the point in meeting up if you don’t wanna interact with “real” people? i know not all do that but i have seen quite a number who are so very devoted to their devices.

Now i’m not saying mobile is all bad – as i said before, there is good which comes from having a mobile phone. i just wish that more people would strike a balance between their digital lives and their real lives. And maybe take a break from the digital world every now and again – as suggested at the end of this article.

Here is the article which started my mind along this train of thought. Do you have nomophobia? – Your guide to digital living. Have a read and let me know what you think.

Also if you do suffer from nomophobia, here’s a website which talks about it and i believe offer some form of support for it.

So will you fight this phobia and schedule some “phone/wire-free” time??


3 Replies to “Do you have nomophobia?”

  1. Definitely don’t suffer from this. I hate being contactable…and am very happy without any contact to the outside world. I only gave in to carry a cell phone so that if my car ever broke down…I could call someone to help me.


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