Heart Issues…

i have a cardiac condition – i have a “leaky’ heart. So when i hear about another person with a heart condition, my heart goes out to them (no pun intended) and in some way, i identify with them.

i identify with Angelina – a little orphan with Down Syndrome and a heart condition who is listed on Reece’s Rainbow.

This little precious one is now 4 years old and desperately needs a family who will care for her and love her and help her to seek medical care for her condition (we are not told of the exact nature of her cardiac condition) and guide her to live a full life.

My heart condition is not life-threatening but i could have been a very weak sickly child and be stuck just making it through life, if not for the wonderful care my parents gave me and the good doctors they brought me to.

Angelina can also live a full life. She just needs a parent to give her that support and direction. Are you her parent?

Angelina has a sizeable adoption grant (more than US$4700) which will go towards her adoption costs which can be anywhere from US$25000 to US$40000.

If you are thinking about expanding your family, would you consider this cute little one? Click here or on her picture/name to go to her profile page on Reece’s Rainbow.

Do pray for her – for her daily needs to be met, for her medical condition to improve/stabilise.

Do contribute to her adoption grant (just click on the Donate button on her profile page) so that her forever family can reach her sooner.


PS: This is a belated Tuesday Teamwork post.

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