Little Free Library…

Little Free Library
Little Free Library (Photo credit: litlnemo)

i’m a big time reader… actually my love for books knows almost no bounds… i LOVE books!! i love the feel of a ‘real’ book; i love the way a new, actually even an old book smells. i love the feel of the pages under my fingers, running my finger along the lines as i read.

So when i came upon this website, i was like: “Oh wow! Awesome idea!!”. And i’m sharing it with you here.

It’s the Little Free Library project. A very worthy project. You can either build your own Little Free Library or order one from the website. Stick it on your property, near the sidewalk or hang it somewhere in a school, even an office. Fill it with books, which will then be shared with whoever desires to read them! There are no library cards or late fees or lines. Just pick a book you like and read it. Then return it and contribute with a book of your own.

The whole idea is to promote the joys of reading and i support this 100%.

Silverlake's Little Free Library
Silverlake’s Little Free Library (Photo credit: Michael R Perry)

Hop over to the website and have a look for yourself. Most of the libraries are in the US at the moment. There are 2 in Germany, 2 in Italy, 1 in London, 1 in India and 2 in Africa. So the movement is slowly catching on. Click on the “Find a Little Free Library on the World Map” button at the bottom right of the homepage to see exact locations.

i think the idea of getting a whole community involved on it is wonderful. The website also has advice on what to do when the Library is damaged or books get stolen. See their FAQs.

i wish there was one near me, although that would mean most books in German, which will take me forever to read and i would be contributing back English books. Hehhehee 😉

What do you think of this idea? Would you build one where you live? Or maybe there is already one there? Let me know.


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