10+ and Waiting…

10 year old Heather, is a healthy sweetie who needs a family asap.

My beloved Heather is this week’s Teamwork Tuesday child – today is the day many other prayer warriors and orphan advocates work together to pull attention to one specific child and my sweetie Heather gets highlighted today!

However, i would like her to share this spotlight with all the other 10+ years-old girls listed on Reece’s Rainbow who have all been waiting just as long as she has for loving parents to put their arms around her and take her home. (Too many to post all their photos and details here – please click here to go to the listing.)

There are 27 girls, aged 10+ who are listed on Reece’s Rainbow. When you go to the listing for 10+ years-old girls, you may be have to do a double-take like i did when i first visited that page. Many of the girls don’t look like they are ten years old, they are tiny and a lot of them either have their heads shaved or have very very short hair; making them look like little boys instead of little girls. (Their hair are cut really short for easier care at the orphanages which are often very short-staffed and can’t afford the basic luxury of combing girls hair.)

Like Heather, they all need a caring family to love them and help them grow into the lovely young ladies i know they are. They need a mummy and a daddy who can look beyond their disabilities and medical conditions and see the beautiful butterfly who is stuck in the shell of a fat little caterpillar. Only with a supportive family can they ever hope to blossom as they should.

My little Heather is such a cutie and she has no other medical conditions except Down Syndrome. She will be turning 11 in a couple of months. Wouldn’t having a family be the best birthday present ever?

All of these 27 (10+ years-old) girls could do with an amazing present like that.

Please, if you are considering expanding your family, would you consider the blessing of adding Heather or one of these girls to your family?

Please do pray for Heather and these girls who all need a family badly. Please help Heather‘s very low adoption grant to grow, donate to it as a bigger adoption grant would likely get her more notice. Also do share her story, share the stories of all of the 10+ years old girls or just the one who captures your heart so that their forever family can find them today.


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Please click here to see my other posts on Heather and other Reece’s Rainbow children. It will only list 3 post at a time, please click “older posts” at the bottom of the page to go to earlier posts. Thanks.

2 Replies to “10+ and Waiting…”

  1. Heather is so cute! I love these Down’s children. I made one of my characters in a WIP a Down’s girl…and she is one of my favorites. Every time I meet someone with Down’s, they are the most loving spirits in existence. Thanks for all your reminders of these sweet children.


    1. Oh it’s so nice to know there is such a character in your WIP… i have known DS children as a child myself & they are just wonderful people… i think that is what has drawn me to them again… keep praying… thanks…


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