Stop Apologizing for Your Art…

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i read the article below and i thought, “Wow! We, or at least i, don’t just do this about my work (be it writing or art or photography) but i also do this in a lot of aspects of my life.”

There are times and in certain things, such as my writing, i don’t really think people want to read or want to hear what i have to say. i don’t believe in myself enough in certain areas of my life. After reading Goins, i’m determined to, at the very least, start believing in my writing. Have a read and let me know what you think.

Stop Apologizing for Your Art | Goins, Writer.

Oh there is one statement he made at the end,

But whatever you do, don’t apologize. We don’t have time for that.

i don’t quite agree completely with it.

If our art had offended people by making fun of their culture or background for no other purpose than to make them the butt of jokes, then i feel that an apology is owned, even if you did it unknowingly. If, however, the piece was making a social/political point, then i can see the use of such jokes… but we really need to be careful there…

i say the above because i really dislike distasteful jokes about a certain culture or race of people, just because they are who they are.

But having confidence in your craft (completely different from making meaningless jokes) is an important thing and i want to thank J. Gions for pointing that out to me.

i hope you would be inspired too.


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