A Bell is No Bell Till You Ring It…

i have been in a mood for musicals (again). i love the songs in musicals because they express the feelings and emotions of the characters so well. Well, i’m currently listening to The Sound Of Music, the story of the VanTrapp family, made famous by Hollywood in 1965.

Today i was thinking about the two little special needs orphans, Heath and Heather, i pray for. And found the first verse of the song, Sixteen Going On Seventeen (reprise with Liesl and Maria), speaking the words i was trying to find to express my thoughts.

A bell is no bell till you ring it
A song is no song till you sing it
And love in your heart wasn’t put there to stay
Love isn’t love till you give it away 

And since joining this group of people who daily pray for these orphans and reading about parents who share their journey as they work to adopt these precious kids, i have seen love in action and i have seen how God moves in response to that love people are showing these wonderful children.

i spoke about how God provided Samuel with a family within a few short days of a call for special prayer. Now his family is working hard to raise the money to go and get him home. A family who had never thought of adopting at all is now excited and anxious to have him complete their lives and home. You can follow their love journey here.

i want the same thing to happen for Heath and Heather. Today i specifically want to ask you to ask yourself, the love in your heart (i know you have it in you), can you use it to love Heath and Heather? Don’t let that love stay there. Give it away, love Heath and Heather. Maybe you are the family they are waiting for?

If like me, you are not in a position to adopt, then i ask you to give that love to Heath and Heather in other ways. In praying for them, in helping their grant (money which helps towards their adoption) grow. Heath has seen his grant grow through prayers and still needs more (estimated costs of an international adoption are US$25,000 to US$40,000). But little Heather has not seen her grant grow at all. Getting a bigger grant (US$2500) would get her listed on the sizeable grant available list, which hopefully would help her forever family find her sooner. The lack of information on Heather’s profile isn’t a sign that she is less needy, it simply indicates that no one really knows anymore (which i find a little distressing).

So click on their pictures below and let the love within your heart take action.


PS: Please do leave a comment below if you have contribute towards Heath’s and/or Heather’s grant, so i can send you a personal thank you.

Almost 11 years old Heath, who really needs his family to find him asap.
10 year old, Heather, who is a healthy little cutie and needs a family.

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