Prayers Working Wonders…

As you all know, i have recently become a Reece’s Rainbow Prayer Warrior, which simply means i am committed to praying daily for specific orphans listed on RR (Reece’s Rainbow).

Today i would like to share how wonderful God has been in the last week, where 14 children of various ages and various special needs have families who will give them a loving home, where they can grow and be cared for as every child deserves to be.

Reece’s Rainbow Prayer Warrior Ministry: My Family Found Me Monday.

i want to highlight one particular boy – his name is Samuel. He is the oldest boy in this list of 14 you see in the link above.

A special call went out on the RR Prayer Warrior Facebook Page on 25th February to pray for Samuel and Duncan. Both boys would be aging out of the system (turning 16) in a few months and would be turned out into the streets or at least no longer be available for adoption. This means that they will most likely fall into despair and/or a life of crime would become a reality for them. Both boys have only minor special needs. They really needed a family soon and they needed a family who is paper-ready; meaning the family isย 1) approved to adopt an older child with special needs, 2) able to travel quickly and 3) is financially prepared, which is rare to find.

But God moved mountains and within a week Samuel had a family! Amen, Praise God!

Now we continue to pray that God will move more obstacles and Duncan will have a family real soon, as will many other special needs orphans on RR.

Join me in praying for these precious ones, especially for little Heath and Heather who are the little ones i specifically pray for. If you are moved by the situation these little ones are in, please consider donating towards their adoption. (Donation buttons are on their respective pages)


UPDATE: 08/03/2012

i just found out that Duncan has a family who will adopt him! Praise God! He works in wonderful ways. Amen! Now let’s pray my little Heath and lovely Heather home!

6 Replies to “Prayers Working Wonders…”

  1. Hello,

    So I was wondering (after reading your previous posts) – why is it that you don’t feel you can adopt one of these kids right now? Will you consider doing it in the future? I know here in der Schweiz we can’t adopt locally without proof of infertility, but adoptions from abroad aren’t limited by that, usually.
    (To answer your question, Pinterest is fun, I use it to bookmark stuff that I would otherwise lose track of. And the new blog is mostly so I could consolidate my LJ and Blogger accounts into one place!)


    1. Well, mainly cos we won’t meet the financial requirements. Also hubs is not quite heart-ready yet for such an adoption, even thot my own heart is. Yes i most definitely would consider in the future. But i won’t be able to adopt with the help of RR as they can currently only help Americans & Canadians – maybe in the future they will. So for now, i pray.
      (ah… i see… so r u going to be using the new blog more?)
      PS (07/03/12): hmm… i thot my above statement sounded like hubs won’t love these kids; he can & i know he will, it is just that at the moment he sees more the practical realities of it & he is not a man easily swayed by his emotional side… which is why we balance each other ๐Ÿ˜‰


      1. Thanks for the link. Will keep that bookmarked for when the time comes…requirements look pretty standard, except the language must be french or german… but who knows, we maybe considered to have sufficient language skills when the time comes. (will click to follow the blog – do write)


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