Not Limited…

i read this amazing article about a family with 4 children with albinism; that’s right 4 out of their 6 children (including an adopted daughter) have the condition. But that in no way limited them in life and successes.

Their oldest, who was declared legally blind at birth, has beaten the odds and now is married, a mother of 2 and a successful photographer! All because she had parents who believed in her, who supported her, who loved her, who was able to get her the medical treatments she needed.

All their children have not let their disability stop them or even slow them down. Their mother’s motto is :

‘Your only handicap is the limit you put on yourself,’ … ‘You can accomplish great things if you put your mind to it.’

i wish for my sweet Wesley to have that kind of mother, that supportive family and all those opportunities and medical treatments which would enable him to get the most out of life and to show the world everything he is capable of doing!

My sweet Wesley thanks you for your very generous contributions to his adoption grant.
Help sweet Wesley find his forever family. Help him grow his adoption grant.

TODAY is my sweet WESLEY’s DAY on Forty to Forever, the Lent Fundraiser and Journey i am a part of. The aim is to give Wesley as much visibility (no pun intended) as possible and to raise at least US$400 for his adoption grant.

Didn’t i just raise money for him in November? Yes i did! Why do i keep raising money for him?

Because he has only 17 months to find a family! In August 2014, he will turn 14 and then become un-adoptable!

So what has money got to do with it? Well, in the country where he is in, he will have little to no chance of getting a family because he is already 12 years old and because his condition is not socially acceptable there. He sticks out like a sore thumb because of his fair skin, white hair and vision problems. So international adoption would be the way for him to have a chance at a family. BUT international adoptions are very expensive! There is a whole ton of paperwork to do and pay for, medical exams, travel expenses and compulsory donations to the orphanage, costing US$30,000 and up.

My hope and prayer is that if his adoption grant has a bit more, then his forever family would not be deterred by a lack of funds and also it would help them race through the process to get him without worrying extra over fundraising. It is indeed a race against time to reach him before August 2014.

Now i’m know i’m not going to be able to raise that US$30,000 for him overnight (although i know God can if that is God’s plan, for His Glory). But every little bit counts.

So would you please help? Please go over to Forty to Forever and give whatever you feel led to. There is also a fabulous giveaway you can enter with 40 different great items to choose from. See here for giveaway details.

Please also share this post far and wide so that we can truly give sweet Wesley the best chance of finding a forever family! You can read Wesley’s profile on Reece’s Rainbow here.

Thank you so very much.


Tomorrow – Friday 15th March…

Yep, tomorrow is the 15th of March, Friday… and it is significant!

Sweet Wesley has been waiting so very long for his forever family.
Sweet Wesley has been waiting so very long for his forever family.

Because tomorrow is Wesley’s day on Forty to Forever, a Lent Journey and Fundraiser, which aims to raise US$20,000 for 40 orphans over the Lent period.

You can read more about the Forty to Forever project here.

You can read more about Wesley here or you can simply put in a search for Wesley on my blog and read all my posts about him.

Please please COME BACK again TOMORROW to see how you can take part and help Wesley reach out to his forever family!

Thanks so very much.


Why Advocate For Special Needs Orphans I Don’t Even Know?…

Because “every child with special needs has a value that matters eternally”.quote from Archbishop Charles J. Chaput.

If you have been following my blog and are friends with me on Facebook, you will know that i have been posting a lot (at least once a week here & lots more on FB) about special needs orphans listed on Reece’s Rainbow. i started praying, advocating, donating to these orphans at the end of February and haven’t looked back since. It has been an amazing journey so far – a journey which has shown me that there are people in this world who are unselfish and have such great big loving hearts, who work so very very hard to love a child they didn’t give birth to, to care for a child they don’t know and never even met, to give up so much to bring this child home, to give said child the love and care which every child deserves, no matter how special their needs are. Most of all, i have seen how wonderfully God moves mountains and hearts. i have witnessed how lack of money, tedious paperwork and great distances are no matter when it comes to God loving one of these precious ones and bringing them home to their forever families.

The wonderful darlings listed on Reece’s Rainbow are considered by the society they are born into to be not perfect enough and for that perceived imperfection they were abandoned to institutions where there is no hope that proper care and attention can be given to them. Again i quote Archbishop Chaput:

Parents of children with special needs, special education teachers and therapists, and pediatricians who have treated children with disabilities often have a hugely life-affirming perspective. Unlike prenatal caregivers, these professionals have direct knowledge of persons with special needs. They know their potential. They’ve seen their accomplishments. They can testify to the benefits – often miraculous – of parental love and faith. Expectant parents deserve to know that a child with special needs can love, laugh, learn, work, feel hope and excitement, make friends, and create joy for others. These things are beautiful precisely because they transcend what we expect……..

The real choice in accepting or rejecting a child with special needs is never between some imaginary perfection or imperfection. None of us is perfect. No child is perfect. The real choice in accepting or rejecting a child with special needs is between love and unlove; between courage and cowardice; between trust and fear. That’s the choice we face when it happens in our personal experience. And that’s the choice we face as a society in deciding which human lives we will treat as valuable, and which we will not……..

We need to understand that if some lives are regarded as unworthy, respect for all life is at risk.

10 year old, Heather, who is a healthy little cutie and needs a family today.

These special ones will thrive with love and care from attentive parents and even affectionate siblings. (Click here to see how well 2 little boys are doing after being home with their forever family). They are worthy just because they are here on this earth with us. So please do not ignore these orphans who need your help.

11 years old Heath, who really needs his family to find him asap.

i, alone, can’t save all the orphans all at the same time. So i pray and advocate for them, one at a time, trusting that God will make straight paths for their forever families to reach. i pray for my beloved Heath and my darling Heather.

Please click on their pictures to view their profiles. Please donate to their adoption grant which will help their future families with the costs of adopting them and giving them a loving home. Please share their stories so that more can help and their lovely pictures may find their mummies and daddies. Please pray for them and their daily needs of food, warm, love and strength. Thank You.


PS: if you do make a donation or share their stories, please leave a comment below so that i know and can thank you personally. Thanks.

PPS: This post was inspired by A Little Lemonade, a lady who shares my heart about these precious kids. Go over there & hear her wonderful heart shout out loud for these lovely children.