Thank You for Helping to Grow Their Adoption Grants… Angel Crafts Shop…

It’s time again for a summary of how your shopping has helped to grow the adoption grants of my Orphans of the Month for the months of September to December 2015.

Lucinda was my Orphan of the Month for both September and October. However, there wasn’t a sale in those months. BUT a very generous friend who supports my cause gave US$10 towards Lucinda‘s grant. So her grant grew by US$10 from that contribution. THANK YOU! And i am happy to report that since October, more donors have very generously given and her grant now stands US$1090 😀

Zayne was my Orphan of the Month for both November as well as December because he was also the child i chose to support in Reece’s Rainbow’s Angel Tree Special Fundraiser. With a few orders and a good amount from the LiL Christmas Market, you have helped to give US$112 towards Zayne‘s adoption grant. THANK YOU! And many other donors have given directly to his grant during Angel Tree and it now stands at US$3714.50 😀

Thank you so much for your continued support.

Please do pray for Lucinda and Zayne, for their daily needs, and most of all for a forever family to step forward for each of them.

Please continue to shop at Angel Crafts Shop to support my Orphan of the Month for January and February – Becky!

Thank you.


Their Adoption Funds Grew Because You Bought… Angel Crafts Shop…

i have fallen behind in doing my quarterly summary for funds raised for my Orphans of the Month. So sorry.

So here’s the summary for the last 5 months, April to August 2015.

In April, sweet Daphne was my Orphan of the Month. We had one sale, a large custom order, that month and raised US$75 ($67.50 after 10% was taken for the Voice of Hope – VOH – fund) for her adoption grant. It was zero when i first saw her listed. And my goal was to get to at least US$50 and because you bought, the goal was met. THANK YOU!

In May, i choose dear TannerJay to be Orphan of the Month. But there was sadly no sale in May and so he stayed on. And still no sales in June 😦 so over the summer he remained as Orphan of the Month. Finally a sale, another large custom order, and we managed to raise US$75 ($67.50 after VOH) for TannerJay. THANK YOU for helping to meet the goal of at least US$50.

Thank you so very much for your continued support and encouragement.

Please do pray for Daphne and TannerJay, and share their need for a caring family. Also do continue to shop at Angel Crafts Shop and help more orphans.

Stay tuned for the Orphan of the Month for September.


You Helped to Grow His Grant… Angel Crafts Shop…

It’s time again for our quarterly summary of who your purchases have helped and how much the adoption grants of these precious children have grown. The last 3 months, January, February and March, have been a bit topsy-turvy for me. There was packing and more packing in January, then we moved to our new home at the end of January and there was unpacking to be done and then school holidays and trying to sort horrible phone / internet line issues. But i have to say you have just been wonderful through all of it; me missing on posts and not being online etc. Thank you.

Her Family Found Her!

So in the first week of January, i had picked Taya as my Orphan of the Month. And we did make some sales – Thank you! But i missed out on putting the money into her grant because of the move and school holidays. And when we got back from holidays, she was already on MFFM (My Family Found Me on Reece’s Rainbow website). But her family did not set up an account with Reece’s Rainbow, so i was unable to give to her grant.

He’s still waiting for a family. Please share his need and pray for him!

It was already almost the end of February, so i decided to pick another child who would be Orphan of the Month for both February and March and gave Taya‘s amount (US$52) to Peterson. In March, Angel Crafts Shop was at a Koffermarkt (Suitcase Market) and sales at that fair came to US$118 after expenses. So in total your shopping gave Peterson‘s adoption grant a boost of US$111 (US$99.90 after contributions to Voice of Hope fund).

*UPDATE 02 April 2015: i had forgotten to add one more order which shipped today but was paid for in March. So Peterson’s adoption grant gets another US$32.50! That takes his total to US$129.15 (after contributions to VOH).

Thank you so much for your continued support and encouragement. Please do continue to support these precious children and praying for them and sharing their stories and need for a loving family.

Next up – Orphan of the Month for April! Do keep making purchases at Angel Crafts Shop!