Orphan of the Month for November & Angel Tree Child… Angel Crafts Shop…

Now that is one long title for a blog post.

It’s that time of the year again; it’s Reece’s Rainbow’s Angel Tree!

angeltree2015_aWhat does that mean?

Well, Reece’s Rainbow advocates for as many special needs orphans as they can throughout the year, with a small team of administrative staff and tons of volunteers. i am one of those volunteers who give of our time and social media platforms to create awareness for these precious children, to give them a voice and, prayerfully, help them find their loving families.

However, during Christmas time, Reece’s Rainbow returns to its roots; it started as an advocacy website for down syndrome orphans. And during the run-up to Christmas, a special event; Angel Tree happens. This is where we, advocates, pick a child and for 2 months, 8 weeks, from 1st November to 31st December, we feature this child in as much social media as possible to get as much exposure for this chosen child as possible and of course, to also raise the child’s adoption grant by US$1000. 

So fundraisers will be held, various manner of things will be sold, giveaways will be run and local quirky fundraising events will take place, all to help a child have a family to call their own.

My Angel Tree child will also be my Orphan of the Month on Angel Crafts Shop for the months of November and December.

Zane-ZayneWithout further ado, allow me to introduce the handsome Zayne!

i saw Zayne on Angel Tree when i first started advocating for special needs orphans some 3 years ago. And it saddens my heart to see that he is still on it this year. As an advocate, what i hope for, is that i never have to see the same children on Angel Tree year after year.

So this year, i really want and pray that Zayne‘s forever family will see him and come forward for him. i will do my best to create as much exposure for Zayne as possible and raise as much as i can for his adoption grant to ease his forever family’s path to bringing him home.

Now who is Zayne?

Well, we don’t know very much about him. And i believe that this lack of information may be what is preventing him from getting a family.

His profile has 3 sentences: “Zayne wishes to be adopted by a family abroad.  He hopes to have a dad and mum to call his own.  He enjoys playing outside with other children!”

We don’t know whether he’s going to school or not, whether he’s verbal or not, whether he has a heart condition (lots of Down Syndrome kids have a heart condition), or whether he likes singing or planes or music.

BUT what we do know is that Zayne wants a family, he wants to have a mum and dad of his own, he also likes playing with other children; so siblings would be great. And that he likes to play outside, so he is definitely not an indoors boy and we can assume not too quiet either.

And look at his adorable face, doesn’t that face just speak volumes to you? It does to me. i see kindness in his eyes, i see an understanding of his own heart’s desires for a family, i see what a great son he would make.

SO please SEE ZAYNE! Help Zayne this Christmas season to find his very own forever family. Share his need. Pray for him.

Do stay tuned as i gather things together to start some proper fundraisers and publicity events for Zayne. EDIT: Click here for the first fundraiser!

angeltree2015_bIn the meantime, go to Zayne‘s profile page by clicking on his name or picture and click on the Donate button to give towards his adoption grant. If you give US$35 or more, you will get a lovely Christmas ornament (see picture on the left) mailed to you with Zayne‘s picture on it.

You can also shop on Angel Crafts Shop, where 50% of all sales will go to Zayne‘s adoption grant. So start shopping!

Thank you so much.


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