Orphan of the Month for January… Angel Crafts Shop…

i had my Orphan of the Month all chosen – it was going to be Addie who was the featured orphan in October but there was no sales that month so i could not grow her grant and wanted to do so now. However, … “drum roll” … Addie’s family found her!!!

i don’t know who her family is yet but just knowing she has a family doing all they can to bring her home is wonderful wonderful news!

So i had to choose another child to be Orphan of the Month for January. i had a look at Reece’s Rainbow’s recently listed children and found sweet Taya!

Meet Taya – Orphan of the Month for January on Angel Crafts Shop!

Looking at that face just brings a smile to my face. She has such a delightful smile and is said to be a fantastic dancer! And while her diagnosis might say Down Syndrome, Taya does not let it define her or stop her – she is very intelligent and sensible, and loves to make others smile.

Because she is newly listed, her adoption grant is empty at the moment. Please help me to get the ball rolling, make a purchase at Angel Crafts Shop and help build up Taya‘s adoption grant. 50% of all sales goes to Taya‘s grant.

Click on her name or picture to find out more about Taya. Do also help share her need for a forever family so more can help. And pray for her well-being and for a family to step up for her.

Thanks a lot.


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