Orphan of the Month for February/March… Angel Crafts Shop…

It happened again! The child i have as Orphan of the Month in January was Taya and there is a wonderful line of blue text under her profile which makes advocates like me smile from ear to ear! (same thing happened for Addie – remember?)

That line says, “My Family Found Me”! Go here to see those lovely words for yourself!

i was just going to put in the US$52, which you helped raised through your purchases in January, into Taya‘s account when i saw that beautiful blue line of text!

There was also another line of blue text which is great… the one which says that US$675 was donated to her adoption grant. Remember in January when i shared about Taya she had nothing in her grant! God is good!

Do pray for a smooth-hassle-free journey for her family to bring her home. i don’t know yet and may never know who her family is. But knowing there are people out there loving her and working hard to bring her into a loving family is simply… well, it made my day!

So what’s going to happen to the funds ear-marked for Taya? Well, i’m going to put it straight into February’s child’s grant, right now!

Without further ado, let me introduce you to Orphan of the Month for February – PETERSON!

Peterson will age out in less than 14 months. He needs a family to step forward for him ASAP!

This boy is so talented, it just knocks my socks off that he is not performing with orchestras all over the world! Well, he’s not, mainly because he is an orphan. He needs a loving, supportive family to help him go the distance and make that impact he is supposed to make in the world.

Peterson may not see the world as you and i do (he is blind) but that certainly does not limit him in any way. He is very independent; walks to school by himself, does well in his studies, loves to converse in English (not sure how fluent he is), has great self-care skills and is able to help with chores around the house. He is curious and loves hugs! He has run a mini marathon twice and still runs regularly. And he wants to be a singer!

His grant is currently at US$46.80 (which is the US$52 i spoke about earlier, $5.20 goes to the Voice of Hope Fund which helps with admin costs at Reece’s Rainbow where his profile is). i want to grow that to a 3-digit number! Can you help?

It is simple to help – just go to Angel Crafts Shop, browse, find an item or two or three which you like and make your purchase. 50% of all purchases will go to Peterson’s grant!

Click on Peterson‘s name or picture to find out more about him. Do also pray for Peterson and a forever family to come bring him home. And share his story so more can help!

Thank you.


PS: Because of my lack of Internet connection in the first half of February, and there is only a week left to February, i have decided that Peterson will stay on as Orphan of the Month for March as well. So we have a little more time to make a difference for Peterson. So please come to Angel Crafts Shop and shop!

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