Orphan of the Month for January and February… Angel Crafts Shop…

It has been a really slow start to 2016 for me. i think mainly because we are still on school holidays 😉 But school starts up again tomorrow… so let’s get on with work, shall we?

i have looked back at both 2014 and 2015 with regards to my Orphan of the Month… it seems that it takes at least 2 months of exposure to raise some amount of funds for these precious children. So from 2016 onwards, each child will stay on as my Orphan of the Month for 2 months running.

So let me introduce to you the Orphan of the Month for January and February – Becky!

Becky will be 13 in September of 2016, which means she would age out of her country’s adoption system in 20 months! She is described as a pretty girl with a sweet nature and does her chores happily. She has delays in her language and cognitive skills. She loves music and dance and enjoys cartoons. She has a very slight limp due a small difference in the length of her legs.

Becky sounds like such a lovely child and she desperately needs a loving forever family to help her reach her full potential. She will not have the privilege of a good education (we have no information if she does go to school or not) or good support for her future. She needs a family to see her for the wonderful person she is and believe in her.

In Becky’s home country, she has little chance of getting adopted because of what are considered her disabilities, which are all very manageable; she just needs a caring family to be there for her and give her the support she needs. So her hope lies in a very expensive international adoption. A lack of funds maybe what stands in the way of her having a family.

i need help to make sure that is NOT the case.

You can help! 

Simply shop at Angel Crafts Shop in the months of January and February and 50% of all sales will go to Becky’s adoption grant, held at Reece’s Rainbow. So start shopping.

You can click on her name or picture to find out more about her.

Please also pray for Becky’s daily needs and most of all, for a family to step up for her as soon as possible.

Thank you.


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