Orphan of the Month for June… Angel Crafts Shop…

Because i did not have any sales in May, my Orphan of the Month for May, TannerJay, did not get any contributions into his adoption grant. So TannerJay will stay on as Orphan of the Month for June.

Now let me introduce you to TannerJay… again 😉

TannerJay has a Congenital Heart Defect which shows clearly in his constantly blue lips. i am not sure what it means when his file says his fingers are stumped – maybe they are shorter than they should be. But that hasn´t stopped him from learning a musical instrument and some English.  He also has good self-care skills and wants an older brother.

TannerJay needs a loving family to help him get the medical care he needs and more importantly to live his life to the fullest. It is likely that his hope for a family would lay outside of his home country; which means an expensive and long international adoption process.

At the beginning of May, TannerJay´s adoption grant at Reece´s Rainbow was at zero. i am sad to see that it is still at zero. i would like to see at least US$50.00 in his grant by the end of June. i need your help.

You can help by making a purchase from my online shop, Angel Crafts Shop. 50% of all sales in June goes to TannerJay´s adoption grant. So come on over and start shopping!

Please click on TannerJay´s name or picture to find out more about him. And do pray for his daily needs and for a forever family to step up for him.

Thank you very much.


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