Orphan of the Month for October… Angel Crafts Shop…

Yes it’s a new month… but i don’t have a new orphan of the month because there were no sales at all in September, which means i have not been able to give towards Lucinda‘s adoption grant which is still at zero. 😦

However, it is a new month so let’s start again… Let me introduce you to Orphan of the Month for October… 

Meet Lucinda!

11-year-old Lucinda has mild Cerebral Palsy but only has a slight limp when walking. She is described as an extrovert who speaks slowly and communicates well with others. She wears glasses (and i think she looks cute in them) and has some dental issues. She enjoys quiet activities and loves to read, solve puzzles and draw.

Lucinda‘s hope for a family to call her own would be in an international adoption because her chances for a domestic adoption is low due to her medical condition. Her special needs are so manageable and i know she will just shine with a loving family behind her.

You can help her forever family reach her faster when they do step forward for Lucinda. You can help grow her adoption grant by shopping at Angel Crafts Shop this month! 50% of your purchase will go to her adoption grant which will lessen the financial burden of the very expensive international adoption her future family might face. So start shopping!

You can also pray for Lucinda, pray for her daily needs and for a caring family to step up for her as soon as possible. You can also share her story and need for a family so more can help. Click on her name or picture to go to her profile page on Reece’s Rainbow. Thank you.


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