Still More Angels…

Now you didn’t think that there would only be just one ‘More Angels’ post, right? If you missed the first one, read here.

Today, please get ready to meet:


This sweetheart is waiting for her family.

She is such a cutie! This darling of a 12-year-old girl is beautiful with her blonde hair and blue eyes. She needs a mama and a papa to love her for who she is.

Her Angel Tree Warrior is shouting out for her on Facebook on this page.

This is Salome.

She has been waiting far too long for a family.

She is almost 15 years old which means she has only a year left before she ages out! She needs a caring family to love her, to give her the attention she deserves, to help her through the therapies she so badly needs.

Her Angel Tree Warrior blogs at lovethychild. And also has this Facebook page for her and has an Esty shop (all procceds go to Salmone and a second Angel Tree kiddo, Jordan.). There are also items up for bid which would benefit both Salmone and Jordan on Adoption Auction’s Christmas Around the World.

Here is Jordan.

He needs a family’s love to grow strong.

He is 8 years old but he looks so much small. There isn’t much information about him but what we do know is that he will thrive with the care of a loving family.

His Angel Tree Warrior blogs at lovethychild. And also has this Facebook page for him and has an Esty shop (all procceds go to Jordan and Salmone). There are also items up for bid which would benefit both Jordan and Salmone on Adoption Auction’s Christmas Around the World.

Here’s what you can do for these precious children:

1) You can pray for them. Pray that their daily needs are met. Pray that a forever family will step forward for them.

2) You can also share their stories so more people can help to spread the word about them and their needs.

3) You can give to their adoption grants on Reece’s Rainbow. Simply click on their names to go to their profile page to donate. Remember, during this holiday period, if you give US$35, you will receive a lovely Christmas Ornament for your tree as a thank you. In case, you want to know why would they need a large grant, here’s why: these children are considered of no value in the societies they are born into. At best, they are considered a burden or sub-normal, a normal life isn’t possible for them in their countries. So a very expensive international adoption is their best option. Let’s not let money or lack of stand in the way of their families coming for them.

4) You can take part in all the above fundraisers.

Thank you.


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