More Angels…

That’s right… there are more angels; more precious children who need our help to tell the world that they exist, they are orphans, they are waiting for their forever families… so today i’m going to introduce you to 3 of them.

Meet Tallulah.

This sweetheart needs your help to find a forever family.

She is a 4-year-old sweetie who is described as adorable, spunky and adventurous. She has been at the orphanage since she was 5 months old and has Down Syndrome with a heart condition that is reported as fixed. She is in need of a family to love her for the wonderful little gal she is and to help her live life to the fullest.

Her Angel Tree Warrior blogs at Jennie’s Angels.

Now meet Sloan.

This active boy needs a family to care for him.

He is a 5-year-old who is very curious, expressive and loves to play ball. Doesn’t he sound like such a fun-loving boy? He is also in need of a forever family to love him and show him that life has so much more to offer him if he is given opportunities.

His Angel Tree Warrior blogs at Wyatt’s Warriors.

And meet Velia.

This 13-year-old needs to be loved for who she is.

She has a very sad story. She is in an institution where she receives almost no attention and the care is questionable at best. She has Down Syndrome and Cerebral Palsy. She is in desperate need of a caring family who will love on her, show her that she is so much more than a burden, give her the medical attention she needs. She is already 13 years old.

Her Angel Tree Warrior blogs at What Loves Dare Attempt.

What can you do to help these orphans?

1) You can pray for them. Pray that their daily needs are met. Pray that a forever family will step forward for them.

2) You can also share their stories so more people can help to spread the word about them and their needs.

3) You can give to their adoption grants on Reece’s Rainbow. Simply click on their names to go to their profile page to donate. Remember, during this holiday period, if you give US$35, you will receive a lovely Christmas Ornament for your tree as a thank you. In case, you want to know why would they need a large grant, here’s why: these children are considered of no value in the societies they are born into. At best, they are considered a burden or sub-normal, a normal life isn’t possible for them in their countries. So a very expensive international adoption is their best option. Let’s not let money or lack of stand in the way of their families coming for them.

Thank you.


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