Book Review: Inkspell by Cornelia Funke…

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So a month after i reviewed Inkheart, the first book in the Inkheart Trilogy by Cornelia Funke, i have finished reading Inkspell, the second book. And what a reverting read it was! It was captivating, magical, thrilling and spellbinding! i literally could not put it down and every time i had to (daily life needs to be lived) i would try to find every opportunity possible to get back to reading it.

At the end of the first book, i was left wishing that poor lost Dustfinger would get his wish and be returned to his own world and that wish came true in the second book but not without major complications and a mysterious new character called Orpheus whom i greatly dislike (maybe even hate!). Mo, Resa, Meggie and Farid get pulled into Inkworld and have to defeat the evil Prince of the Castle of the Night, Adderhead.

We get to meet all the unique and wonderful characters of Inkworld and see how Fenoglio (the author/creator of Inkworld) truly loves them to a fault. We learn more about Dustfinger’s wife, Roxane and his best friend, the Black Prince. We get to walk through the Wayless Wood, be startled by the fairies, see the streets of Ombra, watch the Strolling Players show off their tricks and sink deep into Inkworld. It was such an amazing world, i completely understood why Resa and Meggie talked about it often and wanted to see it – i wish i could see it with my own eyes too.

The story takes many unexpected turns; some very sad, some frightening, others hoped for. Death plays a big role in this book and it is most definitely darker than the first one.¬†And the pace of the story doesn’t let up, even at the end, and much is still unresolved, which sets the stage for the third book.

My recommendation is if you have read Inkheart and liked it, most definitely read Inkspell. If you have not read Inkheart, do so before reading Inkspell because the cast of characters grows and you don’t wanna get lost.

i’m a little fearful of reading Inkdeath… reviews have not been great for that third and final instalment of this trilogy. But i want to know the very end so stay tuned for the third review of this series.


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