One Step At A Time…

i read these lines on Life Is An Adventure:

Every journey begins with a single step. Life is a journey and each step we take prepares us for the next one. Every step is preparation for what God has planned in our lives.

How true, isn’t it? That’s how we journey through life, one step at a time. Some days taking those steps is a wonderful thing and other days they are frightful steps to take. Regardless, we still step out every day and walk this journey of life.

And i am so glad to have my family and friends with me, especially on days when the steps i have to take are difficult. Aren’t we all grateful that we do not travel life alone? 

But there are people who do travel life alone and my heart goes out to them. They either have chosen to journey alone (very few do) or circumstances are such that they have no loving family to journey with.

Sweet Penelope needs a family to help take the next steps in life.

Penelope is one such little girl. She has lived the last 4 years of her little life without the care of a loving family. She is an orphan and is deaf, with a heart condition and limited vision.

She has taken as many steps as she can all by herself. Now she really needs a wonderful family to help her walk the rest of life’s journey, which can hold such amazing opportunities if only she has a forever family to help her discover them, to provide her with the special education she needs to take full advantage of those opportunities. Opportunities which for her would not exist in her home country, as the society is heavily prejudiced against disabilities such as hers.

Every step leads us to the next step. Have the steps you have been taking leading you to adoption? Is this what God has been preparing you for? If so, would you consider adding Penelope into your family? If yes, please contact Reece’s Rainbow for details.

Or maybe the steps you have been taking have brought you to the challenge of daily praying for someone else? Would you pray for Penelope? Pray for her daily needs, her educational needs and for a forever family to step up for her.

The steps you have been taking may have put you in a privileged position (by which i simply mean you have enough for yourself and some spare to share), then would you please share a little of what you have? Would you give towards Penelope‘s adoption grant, which is very tiny at the moment? This would help ease her forever family’s journey to her. Please click on her name or picture to go to her profile page to make your contribution.

Perhaps your journey has given you the simple advantage of knowing how to use a computer and the internet. Then those skills can now be used to help share Penelope‘s story far and wide so that her forever family might see her. Would you do that today?

Here’s another post written for Penelope.

Thank you.


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