Spring Holidays 2013 – Week 2…

So almost 2 weeks ago (oh my, has it been that long?) i wrote about our Spring holiday trip to Munich/Legoland. Now it’s time for a very short summary of what the 2nd week of Spring holidays was like for us this year.

This was the protective suit they all wore to go into the hive to look for the queen bee.
This was the protective suit they all wore to go into the hive to look for the queen bee.

On Monday, the washing and housework were taken care of. The in the afternoon, Tobias went to visit the bee-keeper in our village.

This is part of the Frühlings Ferienpass, which a Spring holiday program run by the local youth/parent association. It has lots of different activities the children can choose from to take part in during a week in the holidays. i drove him there and went off to the supermarket. Then i picked him up again after 2 hours.

He said he had fun but he already knew most of what the bee-keeper told them because we have already watched documentaries about bees and about how they are dying worldwide. He wasn’t brave enough to ask the bee-keeper about the bees dying (colony-collapse disorder). But he did get to see lots of bees and help make some of the wooden slots which make up the hives the bee-keeper has.

He simply loves his strawberry ice-cream!
He simply loves his strawberry ice-cream!

The next day was spent relaxing around town with mummy and enjoying ice-cream in the warm Spring weather. Our local chocolatier/tea-room serves lovely ice-cream.

We took a day to go see the Qin Exhibit at the Bern History Museum. It showcases the terracotta soldiers from the Chinese Emperor Qin Shi Huang Di and other interesting elements from his reign. i was initially worried if the exhibits would hold his interest but we bought the audio guide and he was hooked! He loved all the facts given in the guide and i enjoyed seeing in reality what i had only studied in books (i did Ancient History in school).

This was the little book he bought from the Qin exhibit which is now his diary.
This was the little book he bought from the Qin exhibit which is now his diary.

i would highly recommend the exhibition to anyone who is interested in the terracotta soldiers and wants to know a bit more about ancient chinese history. If you do bring kids (preferably school-aged), it is best to get the audio guide to help them understand more about the exhibit (great for the adults too). No photography was allowed once you passed through the ticket gates and you can not exit the museum and return again that same day. Which means you would have to finish the whole exhibition in one go. But that shouldn’t be a problem. However, your ticket does allow you to visit the rest of the Bern History Museum so if you do go without children, it would be a good opportunity to see the rest of the museum after you are done with the Qin exhibit. The downside is there is no cafe or restaurant in the museum itself. You would have to exit the museum to eat. They do have a special chinese restaurant setup to tie-in with the Qin exhibit, near the gift shop area but we didn’t eat there. We went to the outside cafe and had a pizza and soup. The exhibition runs from 15 March to 17 November 2013.

That Thursday was given over to a visit to Basel where we enjoyed a nice relaxing afternoon and evening with friends who live there.

Here we are enjoying the fruits of Tobias' labour at the butcher's... He made a special patty for himself which had a smiley :)
Here we are enjoying the fruits of Tobias’ labour at the butcher’s… He made a special patty for himself which had a smiley 🙂

On Friday, Tobias went to another Spring holiday program. This time he went to the local butcher to learn how they make sausages and handle the meat. The butcher very generously (if you knew the price of meat here, you would say it was generous too, considering we pay nothing for this holiday program) allowed each child to bring home the sausages they made as well as some beef patties.

The weekend was family and church time… then it was back to school.


3 Replies to “Spring Holidays 2013 – Week 2…”

  1. It looks warmer there now! Has spring finally found you? The beekeeper tour looks fun–love how he got to wear the outfit. And who doesn’t like strawberry ice cream. That looked delish…and so does the smiley face hamburger.


    1. Yes we think Spring has finally arrived… it is due to rain again but at least temps are staying above 10 degrees Celsius… the ice-cream & hamburgers were yummy…


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