New Ride…

We got ourselves a new car! Well, it’s not a new new car; it’s a new second-hand car. It’s a nice little (maybe not so little) car and we’ve had it for a week now.

Here it is:

It is an Škoda Octavia Combi, about 3 years old.
It is an Škoda Octavia Combi, about 3 years old.

If you are interested, you can read about the technical specs here.

It is roughly the same size as our old car, even though when i sit in it, i feel like it is bigger. i also feel that it is a heavier car to drive than our previous Ford Focus Combi but it also feels safer, in the sense that it hugs the road more. We were told that is likely because the 4-wheel drive is on always, which regulates itself so it is not always a 100% on 4-wheel drive. This car does a lot of this self-regulating stuff, which rightly should put me at ease but i’m old-school and if the car is doing something on it’s own, without me knowing about it, it just makes me feel weird!

We haven’t quite figured out all the gadgetry in it yet. Still i like the new ride 🙂 What do you think of it?


PS: i would describe the colour as light metallic blue but apparently the official colour is called Satin Grey Metallic 😉

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