Spring Holidays 2013… Week 1 – At Legoland…

Well, Spring holidays ended 5 days again and i am just now getting round to writing about… but if you are a regular reader, you know that’s how i roll around here 😉

So there were 2 weeks of Spring Hols, what did we do? Let’s start at Week 1.

Monday was all about getting the housework done. Tuesday… well, that was the beginning of the highlight, which was going to Munich and Legoland!

Tuesday morning we (the son and i) got up early, washed up, dressed and headed off to Zürich, where i attended a really interesting short course on social media by Curious Courses. i enjoyed my learning time while Tobias enjoyed playing with the kids and his DS. Then we headed off to the airport to catch the flight to Munich to meet the Husband, who was already there for work.

Munich is a nice city but BIG… i’ve been living in a small village (and loving it) and small town for quite a while now;)

i like the old town part; there is some very nice and interesting architecture. Unfortunately, the camera ran out on battery and the smartphone pictures aren’t great… so you will have to go see Munich for yourselves or just take my word for it… hehheee…

But what i do have is TONS of photos of Legoland, which we visited on the second day. So many in fact that even after i had made a strict selection, there was too many to fit into this post the “normal” way… so i’m going to try the gallery feature on this blog… here goes nothing…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Oh, the other highlight for me was meeting up with my classmate from my polytechnic days. We haven’t seen each other since graduating and that’s like way too many decades ago… it was just dinner together but it was lovely to meet and catch up… hopefully we will be able to do so again soon 😀

We only stayed those two nights cos Husband had to come back for work. But it was a nice short holiday 🙂

The rest of Week 1 was all about relaxing around the house.

Stay tune for Week 2.


3 Replies to “Spring Holidays 2013… Week 1 – At Legoland…”

  1. Looks so cool. My boy loved the lego store at Disneyland when we went there. It looked like it had a lot of those same things in your pictures–legos galore. It’s so amazing what they can build out of legos.


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