Autism Awareness…

Have you noticed that the last few Teamwork Tuesday posts have featured children with autism? That’s because April is Autism Awareness month…

Today i want you to hear first hand from the mother of a boy with autism. Please go over to LWB Community and then come back here and read on…

LWB Community » Wisdom Wednesday: Autism Awareness.

Wasn’t that just a wonderful view of autism? Here are my favourite lines:

“…while autism may cause Jacob to process information differently, it does not mean he can’t learn…”

“…Autism affects my son, but does not define my son…”

“…I realized he wasn’t broken. He is such a huge part of our family,  just the way he is…”

i hope you and everyone out there really does hear these words, truly hear it with your heart…

A child with autism can do so much if given the loving support he/she needs.

This handsome little guy needs a family to help him through life.

And that is what almost 8-year-old Hayden needs – he needs a caring family who can give him the support he needs, who is willing to bring him the therapy and care he needs so that he may indeed live life to the fullest.

Hayden has autism. Hayden is an orphan. That’s two counts against him. He needs a forever family to stand with him to even the playing field.

His profile states that he is active and curious, he is interested in his surroundings. And that is a good sign. He likes singing, dancing, and enjoys musical activities. Maybe that’s how he communicates. He seeks out attention from adults in various manners. He likes helping in daily chores by dusting, wiping off the table, and tidying the toys. He wants to be a part of the group, even though sometimes his brain processes things differently which make him act differently than expected. But that isn’t all bad. He is simply different but wonderful just as he is and he needs a mummy and daddy who would see that.

Are you that mummy? Are you that daddy? If yes, then please contact Reece’s Rainbow to find out more.

You don’t have to be his forever family to help. You can pray for him, pray that his daily needs are met, that he is able to get along better in the environment he is in, pray, most of all , for his forever family to come and get him.

You can also share his story with all you know so that through such sharing he might find a forever family.

You can help to shorten that forever family’s journey to him by contributing to his adoption grant. He would have little chance of being adopted in his home country, an international adoption is likely the best option for him. But these are very expensive so your contribution would help greatly. Please click on his name or picture to go to his profile page to donate.

By the way, this same family mentioned in the above article is also on their very own adoption journey to add another child with special needs to their family. Do support them in any way you can. Follow their journey here.

Thank you.


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