7000 Miles for 2 Boys – Names for Draw #1…

Names have been drawn for the 7 items in Draw #1.

Gloria Jane Kelios, Carol Miller, Marine Rose and Marie Hillman are our recipients! 2 of them have been gifted multiple items! Do check the Draw #1 album on our Facebook page to know who has received what items.

We used Random.org to generate a random sequence of numbers (1-30, as we had 30 spots given out, both contribution spots and “share” spots), then took the first 7 numbers as the chosen recipients.

Recipients have been notified via email!
Recipients have been notified via email!

The FUN is NOT OVER yet! We have Draw #2 coming up. It starts tomorrow, Sunday 21st April, EST 8am! So please continue to share (comment here to get your “share” spot in Draw#2) and contribute to help bring Jack & Jensen home.

If you are new to this giveaway, you can read more about it here. Or on our Facebook page.

Thank you to everyone who participated and made Draw #1 successful! Please continue to support our next drawing.


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