Children Learn by Imitation…

That is true, isn’t it? That’s how children learn… they watch mummy and daddy and they try to do the same… BUT… what if you had no mummy and no daddy to learn from? Then where or who do you learn from?

Emil longs for a loving family – are you that family?

Emil is one of those children without parents to teach him, yet in the harsh environment of institution living, somehow, he has learnt to be gentle, even when he has seen and known very little gentleness. Even though he is unable to speak, he shows his gentleness through his actions and he shows his desire for love and attention even more by hanging tightly onto a visitor’s finger.

It is his medical conditions which is the reason he is in an institution. He has Cerebral Palsy and Down Syndrome. Yet with a loving family, i know he will thrive and he will grow into a wonderful young man. He is already 13 years old. He has waited so very long to know love and the support of a caring family. Please help him so that he does not wait any longer, please help him so that he will know that he is valued and loved just for being himself.

Are you the family who could give Emil the opportunities he might otherwise never have? If yes, please be brave, step forward and find out more. Contact Reece’s Rainbow.

You can also help by sharing his story far and wide so that his forever family might find him.

Another way is to give towards his very small adoption grant so that his forever family does not waste time looking for funds but can go get him as soon as possible. Please click on his name or picture to get to his profile page to donate.

Praying for him is the other way you can help him. Please do pray that his daily needs are met and that his forever family finds him real soon, because he will age out in a little over 2 years’ time.

Thank you.


PS: please go here and here to read more posts about Emil.

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