Warm Thoughts… New Things…

i had already planned to write this post a week ago when the warmer weather (above 10 degrees Celsius) came around. But other things came up and now temps have dropped again… today we are down to 1… so i want to think some warm thoughts in hopes of hurrying Spring on. The second reason is that i sit here at the computer with my right ankle slightly throbbing… why? Cos i twisted my foot this morning at Zumba class now i want to cheer myself up, thinking of various new things we have gotten over the last month or so.

First up SPRING! Yep, there are signs of Spring everywhere now, even as temps have headed downwards this week. See these lovely buds from the tree downstairs?

This photo is a week old so these buds have now pushed through and would start truly blooming soon...
This photo is a week old so these buds have now pushed through and would start truly blooming soon…

We also saw some wild Spring flowers and Snow Drops. i didn’t get a picture but you can see it on my Spring post last year.

Second, i got a new phone about 6 weeks ago! No more irritating messages about not enough memory! It had gotten so bad that i was constantly deleting stuff and messages so i had space just to receive SMS. No i didn’t get the absolute latest model, just the one which was cheap and suited my needs 😉

i went from a Samsung Galaxy Ace to a SIII Mini...
i went from a Samsung Galaxy Ace to a SIII Mini…

Third, a new washing machine in the building! That’s right the old one, which i think is at least 15 years old if not older, finally handed in its resignation. We went almost 3 weeks without a washing machine. No, of course we did the wash. i just had to run around to the next blocks to find a free machine to use.

i like it's shiny silver buttons and flashing blue lights... hahahha... yes it washes good too...
i like it’s shiny silver buttons and flashing blue lights… hahahha… yes it washes good too…

Fourth, Tobias got a new violin! He had grown so much over the last 5 months that his teacher recommended he upgrade from a quarter-size to a half-size. When i made the appointment at the violin shop, the lady was very surprised that he needed to switch so fast. But he really did need a bigger one. He also got a shoulder rest which has helped with his posture when playing.

This new one is a rich dark orange-red-brown colour... his teacher thinks this sounds great but i miss the sound of his old one... still it is a good violin...
This new one is a rich dark orange-red-brown colour… his teacher thinks this sounds great but i miss the sound of his old one… still it is a good violin…

If you want to compare the two violins, see this post and this post for picture of previous violin.

So now that i have shared warm thoughts and new things, i hope you would share yours too.


8 Replies to “Warm Thoughts… New Things…”

  1. I love the first buds appearing! Yea, Spring! Wow, I can’t believe how fast Tobias outgrew his violin. My boy is growing like a weed right now. It’s a little irritating, because his pants look brand new still when they get too small. I told him to stop growing, and he just laughed. Sigh.


    1. Yep, but he grows in spurts so i think we are good for at least 6 months for his pants, i hope – ahhahhaa… i always say that’s how i know he grew – the need for new pants! Well, growing is what they are suppose to do & there are days i wished for the baby in my arms with his fat cute chubby cheeks but there are days i wish he would get growing done with – ehheheee – no winning with this mama 😛


      1. Scrapbooks are the worst. I look at my cute little babies in old pictures and want to cry because they’re all taller than me now and get mad at me if I try to pinch their cheeks.


      2. Yes i know! My little (ok he’s going 9 already, so no little anymore) guy won’t kiss me goodbye now if his friends are around… sigh! That’s life, isn’t it?


  2. awww … tobias growing so fast!! aiyo you sprained your ankle…guess what me too!! 😦 my right ankle very prone to sprains! haha so i understand, get some ankle guard going =)) rub some oilment!


    1. Oh my… hhahahhaa… guess what it is also my right ankle! The way my feet are structured – i have always suffered from twists & sprains… so this is not new to me but it has been a long while since i had such a bad one… better today – almost walking normal 😉 yes have ankle guard & oilment 🙂 u take care too


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