Enjoying Spring…

We sprung forwards one hour yesterday, which means Spring Time has began! So add a little spring in your step and enjoy Spring and the wonderful sunshine it brings! 😀 Here’s some lovely flowers to help you along the way.

Don't know what the yellow flower is called but that tree is always the first to flower after Winter. The white one is a wild flower called Snowdrop, also the first to poke it's head out after the cold.


4 Replies to “Enjoying Spring…”

  1. I am SO ready for spring! It’s finally starting here…very slowly. My irises are coming up like crazy. I guess I’ll have to find time to go out and divide them–but the task looks daunting. Still, I’m glad I have to do it.


    1. i know what you mean… over here Spring has literally sprung on us… we had that really cold snap & then rainy days & then all of a sudden a whole week of lovely sunshine with afternoons above 20 degrees… but i’m not complaining 🙂 i only have 2 big pots on my balcony so just need to keep my tulips watered… would be nice to have a garden – sigh!… Anyhow, ENJOY!


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