Spring Snow!!!…


This was what it was like on Wednesday! And we are talking well into the middle of April already! The temperatures had dropped and went below freezing overnight on Tuesday and thick fluffy snowflakes fell hard and fast the next day. Not liking it at all 😦 i had to bring in my baby plants to protect them from the frost. Hopefully, that’s the last of winter.



Spring Gardening…


Monday this week was the official start of Spring… my Hydrangeas are cut back, so is the Dahlia (actually i forgot to do that before winter, hope it is ok), the Lavender as well. New little herbs are planted as are some type of rose (i’m not sure what the translation of Stockrosen is). Still thinking about more plantings and of course the veggie patch 😀


Is it Spring already?…


On my calendar, it says it is not officially Spring for another 17 days… but nature has decided otherwise, the snowdrops have arrived 🙂