Ready for Spring?…

So 2 weeks ago, i gave the little Blue Cedar (right), the Hydrangeas (top left) and the English Lavender (bottom left) their Spring haircut. What do you think?

Here’s a look at what else had already bloomed in my garden…

Spring sort of hit us, it was not a gradual thing this year. A friend commented that it was like someone flipped a switch and we went from winter to spring instantly. And my poor boys (big and little) are both suffering from serious allergies.

Wishing you a beautiful Spring!


Spring Snow!!!…


This was what it was like on Wednesday! And we are talking well into the middle of April already! The temperatures had dropped and went below freezing overnight on Tuesday and thick fluffy snowflakes fell hard and fast the next day. Not liking it at all 😦 i had to bring in my baby plants to protect them from the frost. Hopefully, that’s the last of winter.