Day 25: Brett Needs a Family… Forty to Forever…

Today at Forty to Forever we are seeking to help Brett find his forever family. He is reported to be a wonderful little boy with curiosity and seems to be learning well. And he does not seem to have let his CP limit him. A loving family will take him so very far in life. Please help grow his adoption grant, help share his story and pray for him.
Today’s Lent devotion shows us how when we fast or try to quit anything, which may be addictive, we not only struggle with it but our ugly side comes out. But help is merely a prayer away… have a read, think about and be kind today 😉 … syc

Forty Days to Forever

Our Goal is to raise $400 for Brett… $357 to go!


Brett is very smart and curious. He has some learning and language delays associated with institutional life, but he does speak in complete phrases around people he trusts. He enjoys cars, coloring, and games. He got very excited when we showed him pictures of dogs and other animals, so he might do well with pets.

His cerebral palsy limits his lower body, specifically his legs and feet, but he is very strong in the upper body and crawls very quickly.  He is a very active kid who needs some physical therapy, appropriate equipment, and perhaps braces to get where he needs to for walking. He is able to pull himself to standing.  The orphanage has worked with him on potty training and he seems to be doing well with it.

Brett is being advocated for by Jen.  She says……

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