What the Future Holds…

Have you thought about the future? i’m sure you have. And if you have children, regardless of their age, you would have thought about their futures too. What are your hopes and wishes for your children?

Orphans are children who have no one to dream of their futures on their behalf. They can’t even dream of a future of any kind, at least not until their forever family finds them.

Below is a short document about children in Ukrainian orphanages.  It also shows adults who were orphans and still are left in institutions because of their disabilities, however minor; they have been deemed unworthy of society’s attention, beyond shuffling them from institution to institution. Please have a look at the documentary before meeting the sweetheart today’s post.

Deti (short documentary movie made in Ukrainian orphanage) :: Orphans and sick children of Zaporozhye, Ukraine.

This sweetheart needs a family to care for her.

Now meet Brandi! Isn’t she simply a doll?

But remember the scenes you see in that documentary of the adults in the institution? That is what the future holds for Brandi if a family doesn’t come and claim her as their own.

The psychologist in the documentary repeated that the greatest wish of all the children is to have a family. And that is Brandi‘s wish too. She may not be in the same place as featured in the documentary but she is in a similar situation. Although she may have carers who try their best, but nothing beats having your own family to lean on, to care for you, to love on you everyday for the rest of your life.

Brandi has CP and microcephaly, but is physically active. So it seems her special needs may be minor. Her file does state that she has delays in brain development and psychological development but i’m sure a loving family would be able to help her overcome these delays.

Could you be that family who can love her and help her? If you think so, please contact Reece’s Rainbow for details.

Not everyone is called to adopt. But everyone is called to help… can you help? Can you pray for her? Pray for her daily needs and for her forever family to be found.

You can also contribute towards her adoption grant. Click on her name or picture to go to her profile page to donate.

Brandi has a wonderful advocate over at Life’s Beautiful Butteries (Life Is Beautiful). Do go over and support her fundraisers.

UPDATE: Watch this YouTube video and Brandi’s adoption grant could grow by US$10,000. Simple watch and share and once it gets to 12,000 hits, Lydia will be receiving US$50,000 (we are supposing acculmulated affiliate type fees from YouTube) and Brandi is one of the 5 orphans she has picked to help 🙂

Thank you very much.


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