Day 24: Giselle Needs a Family… Forty to Forever…

Today at Forty to Forever, it is Giselle’s day… she is a little girl who desperately needs a family to care for her. Her medical needs are long but her need for a loving mummy and daddy is even greater! Help her reach the Moving Mountains page on Reece’s Rainbow so she can get more visibility. Don’t forget the wonderful giveaway you can enter.
Today’s Lent devotion is really a knock on my head… it is all about writing God’s Word on your heart (my heart!). When i started out as a young Christian, i did this sooo very eagerly but now… hmmm… it is time to get back to it! Have a read and do some memorizing – i highly recommend it… syc

Forty Days to Forever

Our Goal is to raise $400 for Giselle… $309 to go!

GiselleGiselle is being advocated for by Lydia Rosencrants.  Lydia is currently adopting another child, and she is still shouting and fundraising for this sweet girl!  If Giselle reaches her fundraising goal for today she will make it on Reece’s Rainbow’s Moving Mountains Page!  This is a page that lists all the children on Reece’s Rainbow that have large grant funds (over $2500).  This would be great visibility for her, and it may help her family find her!  Please help us get this sweet girl an extra chance to find her family, she really needs out!

Miss Giselle has struggled her whole life.  She desperately needs a loving family of her own.  She is facing imminent transfer.  Her list of medical needs is long and includes microcephaly and epilepsy, but she is just so beautiful!  And she is SO…

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