Having a Whole Heart…

If you have read my posts over the last few Tuesdays and Wednesdays (when i am late in publishing my Teamwork Tuesday posts), you would know that i have a CHD (Congenital Heart Defect)… i have a VSD (Ventricular Spital Defect). i always tell people i have a leaky heart, my heart isn’t whole; it has a hole (very poor pun is fully intended).

Colby is a cutie who needs a family today!

Colby‘s heart isn’t whole either. He has Patent Ductus Arteriosu, a heart defect in which the fetal blood vessel connecting the aorta and the pulmonary artery does not close during birth. It can lead to all sorts of complications later in life, including CHF (Congestive Heart Failure) and pulmonary hypertension. Colby is fortunate that his condition hasn’t impacted his life in a big way yet.

When it does, i pray and hope that he will have a loving family to support him. Colby is an orphan and he also has Down Syndrome. He needs a mummy and a daddy to love him, just as he is. He needs a brother and sister to hold his hand and show him about the fun things in life.

Colby is an active boy who smiles often and loves to dance. He also enjoys games and cartoons. But he has nothing in his adoption grant; zero in his grant. Would you help change that? Would you put in a little something so that a lack of funds would not be a reason he does not have  a family? Click on his name or picture to go to his profile page to contribute.

Maybe YOU are his Forever Family?  Find out more by contacting Reece’s Rainbow.

You can also pray for him; pray for his condition to hold stable, pray for his daily needs and most of all, pray that his forever family come for him real soon.

Thank you.


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