Day 13: Copeland for the Buhman Family… Forty to Forever…

Copeland’s story is like a little fairytale in itself. When he was added to the Forty to Forever campaign, he had no family and then just weeks before the start of the campaign, his forever family found him! Today we are rallying around the Buhman family to help them bring Copeland home. Please contribute generously. Thank you.
Today’s Lent devotion looks at humility in fasting. It cautions us against prideful fasting. Have a read and think about it… syc

Forty Days to Forever

Our Goal is to raise $500 for Copeland and Lina… $373 to go!

CopelandI love happy endings!  And today is no exception.  When I first assigned Copeland to our campaign, he was an orphan… he had no mommy or daddy.  He was all alone in the world, with just a small handful of advocates and prayer warriors that might give a glimmer of hope.  He is such a precious boy, with a lifetime of potential.  But without a family, his life’s prognosis was short and bleak.  I expected to have to write a different story for this sweet boy… one pleading for you to share his picture in hopes that his family would see him and know.

Instead, I have the great honor of introducing you to that very family.  Meet Darrel and Haley Buhman.  The delightful people who committed to Copeland just weeks before our campaign started.  I…

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