Needing Love…

Everyone needs love; people need to know that they are loved, that someone out there cares for them and is on their team, that there is someone cheering for them… everyone needs to be shown love and needs to know that they are part of a family who will be there for them through all of life’s ups and downs.

God’s intention was and still is for humans to live together in communities and families to help each other through the long road of life. However, the reality of life is so very different. There are many who don’t even have or even know the very basic component which holds a family together – love; unconditional love, the i-will-love-you-even-if-you-fight-me type of love.

Today i hope you would love a little boy who has never know such love. A little boy who needs it so much it aches my heart to know that he has to face this world and his medical needs all by himself.

Love Eldon today.

This cutie needs a family so very much…

Eldon will be 9 this year – same as my little boy. But he will have no mummy or daddy to celebrate his birthday for him, or hold him when he hurts – like i did my little guy just yesterday when he felt hurt.

Eldon does have a number of medical conditions which with the care and attention of a loving family can be managed and he can live a fulfilling life. But where he is now, in an orphanage where he has to share everything, even clothes and carers, it would be very difficult.

Would you love Eldon today? Is he your son? Maybe? Yes? Contact Reece’s Rainbow to find out more.

Would you love Eldon today? Would you pray for him; for his daily needs, his medical needs and most of all, for his forever family to come for him as soon as possible?

Would you love Eldon today? Would you help grow his adoption grant? A bigger grant would help his forever family reach him faster. Please click on his name or picture to donate.

Thank you.


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