Day 7: Penelope for the Kindall Family… Forty to Forever…

We are rooting for the Kindall family – 2nd day in a row because they are bringing home 2… that’s right TWO precious girls… please do go over to Forty to Forever, read and help where you can.
Today’s Lent Devotion speaks about the WHY of fasting… which is very important becasue if you don’t know why, you will eventually give up – right? So know why… go over and have a read… syc

Forty Days to Forever

Our Goal is to raise $500 for Penelope and Lina… $368 to go!

PenelopeURGENT: The Kindall family is not able to be with us physically today or tomorrow due to an unexpected death in the family.  Pray for comfort as they mourn.  Also, in order to help this family reach their fundraising goal we will need everyone to share this post.  The Kindall’s are unable to rally their family and friends to give and share today for their adoption.  Please help us in rallying for them!  

The Kindall family, Gavin and Mali, are adopting Harmony and Penelope from Eastern Europe.  Here is what they have to say about their story and the children who stole their heart: “Our two little beauties, Harmony (3) and Penelope (2), were both born with Down syndrome.  We already had a heart for children with special needs, but when our son was born he…

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