Wesley Wednesday: Time Is Running Out…

That’s right. Time is running out for these kids whom i would like to feature today, together with my sweet Wesley. They will age out of the system in less than 2 years and then they become ‘unadoptable’; which means they will have no hope of having a loving family to care for them and support them through the ups and downs (mostly downs if you are in their situation) of life.

We are not talking about becoming 21 years old or even 18 years old, we are talking about becoming 14 years old and knowing that this is it; no more chance of having a mummy and daddy to love you just as you are.

In most Asian countries (not all), when an orphan reaches his/her 14th birthday, they are no longer available for adoption. They may be permitted to stay at the institute or orphanage for another few years but usually once they turn 16 or 18, they are told to leave and fend for themselves with little education or skills to find a job. And if they have disabilities, it is likely that even if they have skills, they would be discriminated against because of their disability, however minor it might be.

So where does this leave them? Usually to a life of crime, drugs and prostitution. Many don’t live more than a few more years after that, dying either by suicide or as the result of a criminal life.

i can not imagine having that burden on my shoulders at 14 years old. Do you remember what you were doing when you were 14 years old?

i was wondering about the next TV program or which movie to persuade my parents to let me go watch. i was worrying about passing mid-terms and whether my friends would still like me if i did or said such and such a thing. i was certainly not thinking about the future or about what i would need to do to make a living for myself in a couple of years.

Please see these children and see them for who they are; precious children who need families to love them, who deserve families to care for them, who want mummies and daddies to protect them from the harsh realities of this world just a bit longer.

Meet Henry.

Henry needs a family NOW!

He has Nephrotic Syndrome in 2005 and takes medication to control his urine production. He is said to be a gentle and introverted boy; never throws a tantrum and does not argue with other children. He was developmentally delayed, but his teachers say that he has been catching up.

He will age out in July 2013, in just 5 months. Other than a very manageable medical condition, he sounds like a perfectly normal boy. His delays are likely a result of orphanage life. Could your family be the one to help him live a full life?

Click on his picture or name to find out more.

Meet Daniel.

Daniel is waiting for his loving family.

He has Down Syndrome. He is very active, friendly and affectionate and likes to play with and greet others. He enjoys cleaning and keeping a tidy room – a mother’s dream come true, yes? Daniel has a great sensitivity to the immobile/special needs children, and often will bring them toys and water to help them.

He will age out in July 2013. A family needs to step up for him in less than 5 months. He sounds like a wonderful addition to any family with small children. And look at that face, how it just shines. Would you consider making Daniel part of your family?

Click his picture or name to find out more.

Meet Jensen.

That smile needs to be shared with a family.

He has Cerebral Palsy but he can walk on his own. He is very gentle, helpful and always has a smile. He will age out in August 2013, which leaves just 6 months for his forever family to reach him.

Look at his picture. Such a wonderful smile. Doesn’t it just light up your heart? Could he be your son?

Click on his picture or name to find out more.

Meet Wesley.

Wesley needs a family who will help nurture that wonderful kind spirit within him.
Wesley needs a family who will help nurture that wonderful kind spirit within him.

You all know my Wesley. i have been shouting out for this dear boy since Oct 2012. My heart broke when i realised a few weeks ago that if he doesn’t have a forever family in exactly 1 year, 6 months and 24 days, he will not have a chance to have a family.

He has albinism and related vision problems. He is just the sweetest boy i have come across. He has a gentle temperament,  is polite and sensible, and gets along well with others. He likes watching cartoons, listening to stories with peers, playing games with kids outdoors, likes playing balls and toy cars best. He especially prefers toys that make sounds.

i know that he would bring such joy to his forever family. Are you that family?

Click his picture or name to find out more.

Meet Shane.

Shane can achieve in life with a loving family to support him.

Like Wesley, he has albinism and related vision problems. He is said to be a very extroverted boy, active, outgoing. He likes to sing, and his singing is beautiful.  He likes to play badminton, Fly Chess and car toys.  He has a dream since young, becoming a bus driver to serve the passengers.  He is easy-going, never breaks into temper without reason, often has a smile. He helps to do chores within his ability, like clean the floor and desk, fold the clothes and so on.

He will age out in 1 year, 6 months and 25 days. Does he sound like the perfect big brother? Would you consider adding him to your family?

Click on his picture or name to find out more.

Meet Elliette.

This sweetheart needs a family to help her through life.

She has mild Cerebral Palsy and walks with a limp and needs to hold onto the rail when climbing stairs. She is active, extroverted, has a ready smile and is very polite. She is fond of reading books, drawing pictures, playing toys and games. She is very optimistic and gets along very well with other kids.Her language skills are great. She is attending school in the orphanage. She wishes she has a daddy and mummy to love her.

She ages out in 1.5 years. She would make such an adorable and wonderful addition to any family. Her needs are quite minor and with the right therapy it would not hinder her at all. Could she be your daughter?

Click on her picture or name to find out more.

Meet Rhonda.

Unfortunately, we do not have a picture of Rhonda but i am sure she is a lovely looking girl. What we do know is that she is described as a calm, contented and very resilient girl with Chromosomal Disorder and MicrocephalyShe enjoys learning and likes to serve others. She is good at imitating sounds and using signs. She enjoys music and has made tremendous progress in her development over the last few years. 

She ages out in less than 12 months. She would benefit so much from being in a loving family. Could you be that family who would offer her the love and support she needs to live life to the fullest?

Click on her name to find out more.

Meet Prudence.

We also do not have a picture of Prudence but looks aren’t everything. She has a history of respiratory illnesses, congenital chromosomal disorder and global developmental delay due to mental retardation. But despite her many needs,  she is a positive, enthusiastic and very hardworking student. Although she is considered to be a child with severe special needs, she is described as one of the most responsive children in her home. She loves to be sung to, talked to, touched , hugged and giggles out loud when tickled.

She ages out in a little over a year. Does she sound like such a little fighter? Would you be the one who could help her with her battles in life and love her for who she is?

Click on her name to find out more.

Of course, you do not have to adopt to help. You can pray for each of these children; pray that their daily needs are met and that their forever family comes for them really soon (time is of the essence here!).

You can also contribute towards their adoption grant to ease the very expensive journey their forever family would take to reach them.

And you can use the power of social media and get the word out that these kids need a loving family. The more people who see them and know about them, the higher the chances of their forever family finding them.

Thank you.


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