They Could Be Brothers…

Who am i talking about?

i’m talking about Wesley and Shane. You all know Wesley, whom i have been shouting out for and praying for since October 2012. And i have written about Shane before too (read here). i’m now both Wesley‘s and Shane‘s prayer warrior.

Dear Shane has been waiting so long for a family.
Dear Shane has been waiting so long for a family.
Sweet Wesley needs a family to help him live a full life.
Sweet Wesley needs a family to help him live a full life.

Do you see what i mean by they could be brothers? But they are not. They are in the same country, but different regions. They are, however, born in the same month of the same year, which sadly means that they will both be aging out of the adoption system in their country in less than 15 months!

They share the label of ‘orphan’ and they both have the same condition, albinism and vision issues (which are really minor special needs – you can read more in this post). They both need loving families to care for them, to give them the opportunities which their current situation does not afford them.

Won’t it be wonderful if they were both adopted by the same family? Even if they aren’t, just having a family to love and support them would mean that these boys can have the chance to show off what they are truly capable of. 

They need a mummy and a daddy who see the beauty they have inside of them and outside too.

i was recently introduced to Positive Exposure, a not-for-profit organisation, which utilizes photography and video to transform public perceptions of people living with genetic, physical and behavioral differences – from albinism to autism. (Their) educational and advocacy programs reach around the globe to promote a more inclusive, compassionate world where differences are celebrated.

i think what this organisation is doing is a most wonderful thing! i hope, pray and wish everyone can be introduced to their program and learn to accept other people’s difference and not judge based on appearances.

The founder, Rick Guidotti, puts it well:

“…it was essential for people to understand and see the beauty in our shared humanity…”

So can you, would you see the beauty in these 2 handsome boys? Look beyond their skin colour, their eye problems and see them for who they are; young boys who need a loving family to help them navigate this world which is full of prejudice.

Could you be that family who welcomes them into your home and be blessed with a little more beauty in your lives? If yes, please contact Reece’s Rainbow to find out more.

You don’t have to adopt to make a difference to Wesley and Shane. You can do a very simple thing; you can pray for them, pray for their daily needs and most of all, pray for a forever family to come for them. If you would like to commit to praying for them (or just one of them) regularly, please do sign up to be a prayer warrior for them (like i am).

You can do another practical thing to help. You can share their stories with everyone you know. With the power of social media, we never know who we can reach. So please do share their stories. They need a family and you can help.

There is one more thing you do. You can give towards their adoption grant. Click on their picture or name to go to their individual profile page to contribute.

Wesley currently has US$1487.90 in his grant, because many of you were so generous in giving to the giveaway we ran last November. But he would need more because the costs of all the paperwork to adopt is just so high. So please give whatever you can. Every bit counts.

Shane currently has only US$27.50 in his grant, which is really nothing when you find out that the average adoption (we are talking about international adoption because their home country’s society isn’t big on domestic adoptions of special needs children) costs somewhere between US$25,000 to US$40,000. So do give generously. Again, every little amount counts.

Thank you for caring for these boys.


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