I’m A Person…

… not a condition… i read that CNN article and thought, “Yes you (the author of the article) are so right… it would take more than that (a law) to change hearts and minds.”

A little girl waiting for her family.

But little Myra doesn’t even have a law to protect her, let alone the society she lives in. Myra has Spina Bifida and Hydrocephalus. Her condition will limit her physical abilities but that does not mean she will be limited mentally or emotionally. She is not defined by her condition and should be seen as the adorable little girl she is; the little girl who needs a mummy and a daddy to love her and help her achieve in life, despite her disability.

‘Impaired Perception’ is an inspiring photographic portrayal of people with disability. It highlights what they can achieve in life, sometimes even more than “able-bodied” persons. But these people have resources available to them which Myra doesn’t; these people have emotional and mental support from loving family which Myra doesn’t have; these people have a society which, although it still needs to learn more about disabilities, is at least accepting to a greater degree than the one Myra lives.

Myra is able to grab a toy, communicate with familiar people, sit independently… all this with almost no therapy. Can you imagine what she could do if given the right therapy and help?

Myra‘s file will only be listed for a short time. After which, it will go back to her country and adopting her, giving her a family and opportunities in life, would be much more difficult.

Do you see the wonderful little girl? Do you see your little girl in her? Maybe? If yes, please contact Reece’s Rainbow for details or go to her profile page (click on her name or picture) to know more.

Please do share Myra‘s story. Do pray for her daily needs and most of all, pray for her forever family to come for her.

Thank you.


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