Ouch…Ouch… Ouch…

… that was and still is what i say to myself every time i have to walk down the stairs the whole of yesterday and today, and likely tomorrow too!

No, i didn’t hurt my foot or injury my leg…

On Saturday, we went for our first ski of the season and it always “kills” me. My muscles always protest for the next few days after that first ski, letting me know that it wasn’t fair to put them through that after a whole year of “rest”.

We went skiing at Engelberg, Titlis, on the Jochpass side of the mountain with some lovely friends. It was nice. i had not been back to this resort since before Tobias was born so it has been a while. It is a beautiful place indeed.

Unfortunately, i was too busy trying to get my “ski-legs” as well as helping Tobias to get his back so didn’t take any shots of the lovely sunny day on a beautiful snow-covered mountain.

i do have a shot of my son making a silly face on the way up in the cable car.

My son with his silly face ;)
My son with his silly face 😉

He was a little panicky at the beginning, saying he had forgotten how to ski. But it really didn’t take long till he was once again zooming down the hill, leaving poor mummy behind… as always… i really need to improve my skiing skills. My biggest fear is crushing into other people rather than being afraid of going down the slope. i need to develop more confidence in my stopping and avoiding skills…

Maybe next year i’ll go for lessons again…

For now, i think we are ready for our ski weeks. At least now i know i can make it down the hill, slowly but surely 😉


2 Replies to “Ouch…Ouch… Ouch…”

  1. I bet your sore. I’ve only downhilled once. I usually do nordic skiing, but that is a work out and I’m usually sore for 3 days afterward (especially after the first ski of the season). Tobias’s face in that picture made me laugh. He’s so cute.


    1. Yes, muscles are still protesting today but i think it’s getting better… BUT… i haven’t been downstairs yet today… Yes he is a cutie with many expressions which keeps mummy entertained 😉 hehheee


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