Lying Down…

… Have you ever tried lying down for a long time? i mean like for an extended period of time, just do nothing but lay down on a bed. Try it. Go lay down, fully awake, don’t go to sleep now. Lay there doing nothing for thirty minutes – that’s ok, in fact, you might feel rested. How about lying down, wide awake, doing nothing for two hours? Ok, maybe it was a little long but bearable – yes? Now go ahead and see how you feel after four hours or ten hours or an entire day and night? Then imagine that would be what your future holds, day in, day out, for the rest of your life…

i would be bored stiff within half a day. My heart breaks that there are children out there who have exactly that to look forward to in their futures, just because they have a disability and the orphanage or more likely the institution does not have the staff or the facilities to allow them to be outside of their cribs. In some places, children are left in their cribs all day because the society views that is all they can do. In other places, they do not know that these children can be helped or how to help them.

But we all know, we who live in places where medical facilities are available, we know that anyone with a disability if given the proper treatment, therapy and good, loving support, can thrive and live a fulfilling life.

A little girl needs a loving family to help her make the most of life.

Nastya is one of these many children who would have no future unless adopted. Ideally, adopted within her own country, but the reality is that in her country that would most likely not happen as disability is not widely accepted in their society. So international adoption would be the next option for her.

So today i am shouting out for her – she needs a family to love her, just as she is; a family to tell her she is worth their care and support, just because she is who she is. If she had a family who could give her the care she needs, then she can look forward to a future which would feature days outside, enjoying the sunshine, enjoying time interacting with her family and other people, and even a job when she is all grown up and maybe a family of her very own in the far future.

Nastya is already 7 years old and the future looks bleak. She has Spina Bifida and minor Hydrocephalus and is unable to walk. But this does not mean that she isn’t capable. In the right supportive environment, i believe she would grow into the beautiful flower i know she is, deep inside.

Do you see that in her? Do you think you could be her family? If yes, please contact Reece’s Rainbow for more details.

You don’t have to be her family to help. You can share her story so that more people will come to know her and increase her chances of finding a family.

You can give towards her adoption grant to ease the journey her forever family would have to bring her home. International adoptions cost an arm and a leg! Click on her picture or name to go to her profile page to donate.

You can most definitely pray for her. Pray for her daily needs, pray for a family to step up for her real soon.

Thank you.


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